So, your running social media pages for your business, but you’re looking to get them to become an efficient and vital part of your marketing strategy in the next year. But how do you do that? Whether you’re new to social media marketing or you’ve been doing it for years, results can be achieved if you follow these tips and apply them to your social media strategy over 2022. 
With more and more content being created, along with the ever-expanding elements being added to all social media platforms, attention spans are becoming shorter. A long form, text ad is not longer something that will grab most of the user’s attention and will most likely be scrolled past and ignored. Facebook Ads need to be eye catching and are a cost-effective way to market your business on social media. You can even create a ‘lookalike’ audience if you run Ads on FB, so you’ll be targeting similar people, giving you the chance to expand your audience beyond your targeting.  
Facebook ads have been successful investments for many businesses and are only getting more popular, so consider creating an ad and getting it out there ahead of potential competitors. Attract the audience to your business and you’ll see your reach, engagement and sales increase. 
Facebook also is seeing the groups feature become an increasingly successful part of businesses marketing plans. Where pages are losing engagement, groups are gaining it. If you’re setting up a Facebook page, set up a group at the same time – but don’t just name it after your business, as people are less likely to join if they think they’ll be joining a group that will be posting the same content as your main page. Your group can be a place for your audience to talk to each other about the industry you’re in, you can give them tips and help them out with any queries. You can do special events for your group specifically and really create a connection with your audience. Groups are seeing engagement increase for many businesses who weren’t seeing this with their posts on their Facebook pages, so create one today, let your audience know and start connecting with them. 
If you’re using Instagram, Reels are a great way for you to reach new audiences and find a way to market your business in a way you may not have considered before. The head of Instagram has recently said that users are looking for more entertaining video content, so it’s important that you modify your marketing strategy to include reels. Reels are short videos in a similar style to TikTok’s, that show the audience small insights into your business and its processes. Don’t be afraid to get creative and innovative with your video content as this will help you stand out from your competitors and lead your industry in creation of reels. Your reels need to be authentic to your business and not just a sales pitch – letting your audience see inside your business, the creation of products and who the face is behind the brand will help them develop a personal connection not only with you but with your business and will lead to more organic engagement and sales in the long run. 
Reels are also a great way to put information that would previously be written up into a “static image and text post” be spoken about in just under a minute. If you’re advertising an event or online webinar, speaking about it in a reel will be more persuasive than writing it in plain text. 
Reels can also be downloaded and uploaded to ad platforms, so picking the most successful ones to run as part as your ad campaign will see your business grow organically and gain more traction from these ad campaigns. 
Twitter have recently introduced Twitter Spaces. If you run a Twitter account for your business, consider using this feature in the future. You’re able to control who you want to speak to, what you want to talk about and can get insights from your audience if you’d like their input. Twitter Spaces, in a similar way to Facebook and Instagram, is a live format that helps you reach out to your audience in real time. However, it’s podcast-like in nature, as it’s an audio format, not a video one. A benefit of Twitter Spaces is that they can be classified by a hashtag and will show up in that hashtag if someone was to search for it. If someone is listening to your space, it will show their followers that they’re attending your space and may create a ripple effect, seeing their followers join and engage with what you’re discussing. 
Twitter Spaces is a great platform, especially for business owners who aren’t comfortable being on camera or aren’t ready to get out in front of their audience yet through video content. It’s a steppingstone towards live streamed video content, and general video content, and will help you practice and become more confident talking about your business and issues and information that relate to your industry. 
Consider using all these features on social media and you’ll see a growth in your social media that you may not have experienced with your current tactics. 2022 is the time to get creative and show your audience that you care for your business and your audience, so start these processes in the new year and you’ll have a successful social media marketing plan being implemented almost instantly. 
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