Using social media to build relationships with clients is a MUST. There are huge opportunities when using social media to build customer relationships, including building brand loyalty, increasing your bottom line, enthusiastic customers will tell their friends and family about you meaning more brand awareness and maintaining good customer will improve repeat sales. 
Research has shown that 87% of customers said that their online interactions with a company made a positive impact on that customer's likelihood of making a purchase from that company. That is enough reason alone to move much of your customer relationship management to social media. All you have to do is learn what kind of changes are happening, and how to best take advantage of it. Here are some tips you can incorporate right now to build stronger customer relationships using social media… 
Communication is an essential way to build customer relationships. Good communication helps businesses develop trust with clients and clearly  
express needs, expectations and challenges. Communicating more effectively can improve the client relationship and potentially add more leads to your business. 
Businesses that show good, open communication can have better relationships with clients. Proper client communication involves being transparent, flexible, self-aware, having compassion, empathy and context. 
There are many ways for a business to communicate on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. One being sending a user a friend request or direct message. Another way of easily communicating is by commenting on a user’s posts, this gets their attentions and allows you to ask a question or start a conversation. 
Respond Quickly 
An important attribute of good customer service, is a fast response time. How quickly do you respond to your own customers? 
You can use social media to build customer relationships by quickly responding to questions and concerns via facebook, Instagram etc. Customers expect near immediate answers and when they don't get them, they turn into an unhappy customer and will often complain across social media about their experience. 
Customer response is very important aspect for all organisations to create business relationship and good customer satisfaction and loyalty with their customers. Having a fast response time makes your customers feel important, but it can also lead to additional revenue for your company. 
For facebook specifically you can use Facebook Messenger to give you the opportunity to connect privately with your audience. Respond quickly and consistently to earn trust and foster loyalty. 
Responding effectively to people on Instagram allows you to connect with new and existing customers by answering specific questions through the platform that they're already using. 
LinkedIn also has a great feature that allows you to send instant messages. This is where several messaging options appear, you simply press the message, there is no need to type it out yourself and send it, allowing you to respond quicker. 
Engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. Providing a high-quality customer experience is an important component in your customer engagement strategy. 
Your business needs to actively engage across all of your social media profiles. When engaging with your customer always use their first name when responding to personalise your response and show customers you care. It's the little things that count and engaging with your customers helps you build a strong community-like feeling with your customers and ultimately helps build brand loyalty, which leads to repeat business and additional revenue for your company. 
You can engage via direct messages on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which can help build a personal connection with customers and show you’re responsive to their questions and feedback. 
On each social media platform, you also have the opportunity to use reactions. Reactions are a form of engagement where you can like, love, laugh at a post to show the user how you feel. 
Rewarding your customers from time-to-time is a very effective way of building a strong community. By offering your existing customers benefits that run alongside your services, can prompt them to come back time after time. Not only that, but if you can maintain a trusting and secure relationship, it can lead to many more sales in the future. 
Giveaways and contests are also a great social media marketing opportunities that can generate a lot of buzz, placing your brand at the top of the daily trending lists and encouraging more visitors to seek out your website. Stronger engagement rates on posts help strengthen your Facebook algorithm. You can help engagement by publishing posts that ask questions and promote interactions between customers. 
Contests and competitions can also be used to learn more about your customers and their interests by surveying them and attaching a grand prize to survey responses to bringing in fresh leads by hosting a contest where your customers have to share a post of yours to be eligible. 
Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all allow posts to be created based on a giveaway or contest so your business can build a strong community and secure relationships. 
Provide value on social media 
There are so many different types of content you can create on social media. You need to ensure there is a good balance between promotional content and the educational, free value content you provide to your audience, whether it’s freebies, discount codes or knowledge. 
Sharing value builds trust with your customers. The more you help them through your knowledge, content and resources, the more they trust you and the more brand equity you build. This will eventually warm them up to you, your brand, products or services. 
On Facebook and LinkedIn, you can share posts about your business to engage your audience. When you create a valuable post, you can add photos, videos, polls and more to make them more eye catching and engaging. 
Instagram allows you use creative tools to enhance certain pieces of content. The content you share on Instagram needs to be relevant to your audience so they are more likely to interact with it. 
Start employing this strategy with a customer-centric focus and you’ll see your customer relationships grow online and across your organisation. 
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