In the last year, video content has started making a huge impact on social media. Apps such as TikTok have given new life to a once formulaic, algorithm-based cycle that saw many businesses lose or find it difficult to get views online. By 2022, online videos are likely to make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, which is 15 times higher than in 2017. Therefore, now more than ever is the time to start developing video content for your business. Here are just some of the reasons why you need to start producing content in 2022. 
If you’ve never created any video content before, the process may feel daunting. But you don’t need fancy equipment or editing software to make your videos creative, innovative and the go-to source for consumers in your industry. Long-form video content like we see on YouTube doesn’t always have to be the only option available either, with Instagram reels and TikTok allowing you to create videos under a minute that gain large amounts of engagement, reach and impressions. You want to keep the viewer engaged, and they’ll move on quickly if they’re not impressed with what you’re showing so don’t be afraid to experiment at first with how your content is produced. You should keep it in line with your brand values and reputation on other social media as this will create a consistency across platforms. 
A 2018 study by HubSpot found that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brand or business that they support. If you’re not creating content, or aren’t consistent with it, it’s likely your consumers fall into this percentage. If you don’t know where to start, ask them what they’d like to see. You could just create a video based off your own content ideas, but how do you know that is exactly what your audience is looking for? If you don’t find out what content they’re likely to be interested in and what they’re engaging with, you won’t start seeing your videos become a successful avenue for your business to take. In the same way you’d ask for topics on a live stream, do the same for pre-recorded content. You can also take questions from your audience once you’ve decided what videos you plan to make, as then you’ll be really reaching your audience and showing them that you care about their queriers and questions surrounding your industry or your topic. 
A study by Insivia found that 95% of viewers retain a message that they’ve heard or watched in a video compared to 10% who read text-based posts. If your brand is all about conveying a message, then video content is the best option for you. When a viewer can tell that you have passion in what your selling, they will too. People are likely to listen if you sound knowledgeable, friendly and driven, so display this in your voice when talking about your product or service. Video content gives you the opportunity to allow the customer to see the face and personality behind the business, whether that be from yourself or one of your employees, so create that personal connection and show them who you are and your belief in your brand. 
Video’s also make things a lot easier to understand, especially if you’re using industry terms, as it’s not just displayed as a chunk of text in a wordy paragraph. It’s instead relayed to the audience in a way that is easy to understand and consume, and your tone of voice will help do just that. So, start pushing your message forwards by speaking about it in a video rather than a post, and you’re likely to see an increase in sales, a use of your service and overall general engagement and reach. 
Content Ideas 
If you feel like you want to start making content for your business but don’t know how, what to talk about or how to make your videos stand out from your competitors, we have some ideas for you. 
Find out the trending topics in your community. What engagement are these topics getting compared to some of the ideas you’ve drafted? For example, if you work in social media and the topic of Facebook Groups is trending, making content about how other business can develop and grow using this service will see you start getting views and engagement. 
When editing your content use jump cuts. Jump cuts will help retain the viewers interest, as they’ll be a sudden change in tone or a new topic that will alert them back to your content. Jump cuts also break content up so it’s not a constant stream of speaking, helping to better format your videos. 
Graphics are the best way to convey a message. If there’s a new topic, put a graphic up on screen to let your audience know. Also add text to highlight the key points in the video, so the viewer knows what the elements are that they should be paying the most attention to. When adding graphics, consider the colour, style and fonts you’re using. They must be clear and concise. Try and refrain from using colours that don’t show up on certain backgrounds (such as black and grey, or pink and green) as this will make it difficult for the viewer. Make the text big enough for the viewer to read, and don’t put too much text on the screen. Keep the text up for long enough for the viewer to read, but not too long so it becomes irrelevant. This will make your content stand out and convey all the most important aspects to your viewer. 
Video content is the way forward for businesses in 2022, so start creating it today and see an increase in your reach, engagement and sales. 
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