YouTube is a tool that is important when it comes to marketing your business. With over two billion active users worldwide, using YouTube for marketing will allow you to potentially reach a larger audience outside of other forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here are some tips on how you can use YouTube as part of your marketing strategy. 
Marketing on YouTube can drive a lot of traffic for your business. It only takes one video to start getting views for your channel to grow and evolve, and you’ll start reaching out to potential new audiences because of it. Making sure you promote your business at the end of your videos, and let people know where they are able to find you online, such as your social media channels and your website. Link your YouTube channel on your website and promote it across your other platforms to get an already engaged audience to help you grow your channel in its early stages. YouTube’s large number of users may also see you reach out into a more worldwide audience too, and give you analytics that you may be able to use in future to globally grow your business. 
Videos are becoming more and more prominent in Google search suggestions, providing people with the most information available to them in regards to what they have searched. By uploading videos to YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll potentially be found on Google when people search for terms relating to your business. Once again, make sure you promote your business at some point during this video so anyone who access’ it through Google can look for your company. 
If you’re looking to have your videos discovered through search engines or searching on YouTube, you have to make sure your SEO is up to date and relevant. Use keywords in your channel and video descriptions that represent your business and video content. This will help YouTube promote your channel correctly, as they’ll be able to see what type of content you’re creating and recommend it to the right audience. Also use key words in your title, and make sure it’s eye-catching and not too long to read. Video tags will also make sure you get higher visibility for your content, as you’ll be able to specifically state the main focus of each video you post and create. 
Watch time will help with your SEO, as YouTube will be able to tell what videos are being viewed and for what length of time – videos with a high bounce rate are less likely to be recommended than ones that keep the audience engaged for a long period of time. Make sure you’re sticking to key factors when it comes to your videos, so that you don’t lose your audience. If you go off topic, make sure it stays as a short part of your video, as someone who wants to watch you talk about what your business is about won’t stick around if you decide to speak about something that doesn’t relate to it at all for a longer time than you spent discussing your topic. 
Video content allows the audience to get to know you and your passion for your brand. Unlike plain text posts and photos posted to other social media sites, YouTube will allow you to really go into detail about your business from a personal and professional perspective. Letting people feel like they have that personal connection with you will potentially drive more traffic to your website or other social media sites, as they’ll be able to see that you care for your brand. YouTube will also allow you to speak for an unlimited amount of time about your company unlike other social media, so you can really go into detail about your brands importance, what your brand does and what you as a company stand for. 
YouTube is becoming more popular for businesses, as it allows them to reach out to new audiences, demographics and boost their engagement outside of their micro-targeted audiences. If you start using YouTube and implement the tips mentioned, you’re likely to start seeing results. Get a YouTube channel created and start marketing your business on the platform today. 
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