We’re coming to the end of February, meaning there’s been a couple of updates in the world of social media and digital marketing. 
Here’s all the news this month… 
Updates For Threads 
Threads has hit 130m users, and with the app now becoming available to those within the EU growth has become steady. Mark Zuckerberg has said: “Threads now has more people actively using it today than it did during its initial launch peak, so that one’s I think on track to be a major success.” Whilst Threads still has a long way to go with development if it wants to really challenge X, it’s expansion of users since launching in mid-2023 has been impressive. 
In the United States, the app has been rolling out trending topics for users. Whilst boss Adam Mosseri has said he doesn’t believe adding trending topics will do a lot for growing the platform, it will hopefully boost its appeal to users who have been asking for this feature to be added. 
Cross Posting For Threads and Facebook 
Meta will begin testing cross posts for Threads and Facebook, it has been announced. The test has already been rolled out for some users, who, when they go to post on Facebook are promoted to share to Threads too. Whilst Instagram and Facebook share cross-promotion, adding it to tThreads expands the connection between all of Meta’s apps. Threads can be shared to Instagram, and Facebook also has a feed showing users the latest from the Threads timeline – but the link between all three apps is still being built and addressed. 
Meta To Mark AI Content 
Meta have announced they’re working on marking AI generated content, so users know whether posts and stories are accurate or created using AI. They’re working with other industry leaders to improve transparency about AI content, using technical detection methods to mark content as generative AI to reduce misinformation. As this year marks a big year for elections worldwide, there are concerns that AI content could be used to spread misinformation and sway voters, and Meta have said that despite their work on marking imagery, there still isn’t a way to detect audio or video AI – although they are addressing concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on social media. 
TikTok Introduces Search Shortcut 
TikTok are now encouraging users to download a search shortcut to their home screens, so people can search directly on the app without having to tap through to find what they’re looking for. 
With the boom of TikTok shop and a younger user base (64% are Gen Z) who turn to the app for news and updates, this search function helps them directly find content. This helps to build TikTok’s brand beyond an app for entertainment with multiple features now offering users more than videos. 
Instagram To Introduce Feed Previews 
Instagram are testing a new idea – feed previews. Some users have noticed that when they’re uploading an image, they’ll have an option to view how this will look on their feeds. For influencers, this will be great to build their aesthetic grids, and for businesses and marketers it’ll allow them to see how new graphics will appear. This can be great for creating a cohesive, impressive feed that aligns with your approach to having a presence on the platform. 
That’s all for February – have a great March and keep an eye out for more social media updates this month! 
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