If you’re advertising on social media, then you’ll need to make sure your ad campaigns are working at their maximum potential for your goals. 
Optimising your campaign is the first step in ensuring success – if you market to the correct audience, then you’ll be able to draw in customers and increase the success of your business. 
Here are some tips you can use to optimise your ad campaigns. 
Use Multi-Channel Campaigns 
Multi-Channel Campaigns allow you to increase your exposure. By advertising on more than one platform, you can reach more of your audience – research by Business 2 Community found that multi-channel customers will spend 3-4 times more than the average single-channel customer. This means that by increasing your ad reach to more than one channel, you’ll be able to convert more customers and earn more revenue. 
These campaigns streamline your customer acquisition process – when your audience are aware of your business and product’s, seeing the advert again will make them consider whether they’d like to buy the product you’re providing, leading to them making a decision, which may go in your favour. 
In order to optimise your multi-channel campaigns, here’s what you need to consider: 
- Who your target audience is 
- Your campaign goals 
- Your key performance indicators 
- Track you analytics 
Track Your Campaigns and Make Changes 
One of the most important things to do when you create social media ad campaigns is track their performance. If you’re not keeping up to date with your ads performance, then you may not recognise where changes can be made to improve their results. 
You need to track things such as your key word performance, which can help drive the correct target audience to your campaigns. If these keywords aren’t performing, you’ll be able to change them in your copy so they do bring in traffic. 
A/B testing may be a good option. This helps you test two different ad styles and asses which one is working the best. This will help you figure out what’s attracting the target audience and converting them into customers or followers of your business, and what isn’t working. 
If you notice anything isn’t working with your ad campaigns, then tracking the performance will help you make changes to the ad design that help your campaign perform better. 
Focus On Your Target Audience 
How are you going to get your target audience engaged with you? 
By considering the buyer journey, you’ll be optimising your ad campaign that speaks to the audience and connects with them. 
You first need to think about what problem your target audience could be having, and how your product could solve it. By showing them that your product is the solution to what they’ve been looking for, you can move onto the decision stage. 
Your audience should be informed at how your product will help them via your ad, so will be able to make a decision on whether they’d like to purchase your product or not. You ad needs to address their potential pain point, how your product can help them with said pain point, and give them direction on what to do if they’d like to purchase this product. 
If you align your campaign with the buyer journey, you will be able to create ads that are personalised and convert the audience into customers. 
Ensure Consistency 
Keep your ads consistent with your branding and your overall social media content style. Having an ad that isn’t reflective of your business won’t help customers recognise you if they see your audience on different channels. 
Ad campaigns that use the same brand colours, fonts and voice to your other social media will help you create campaigns that all fit together, and form the larger picture of your business’ efforts on social media. Your content is important, and if your target audience know exactly who you are and how you market towards them, they’ll be able to build trust with you. 
Optimising your campaigns is a gradual process, but by making tweaks and testing campaigns you’ll be able to reach the audiences you set out to target and increase the conversion rate of your ads. Start using these tips and create successful campaigns today. 
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