So, you have your businesses social media set up, and now you need to make an impression. Social Media posts can help you to sell and advertise your products to a larger group of people who may otherwise have never come across your business. 
Creating a social media strategy will help you with marketing your business online to the correct audiences that you’ve identified as good for your business, and a big part of that marketing is the content that you’re posting. Your content needs to speak to your audience, and if it doesn’t, you won’t be getting the engagement or potential sales that you desire from your social media. 
Here are some tips on how to write social media posts that sell.  
You need to research your audience and their interests before you create any content, whether that be the post copy, graphics or video content. What are they currently engaging with? It always helps to look at competitors who have similar audiences to the one you plan to target to see how they are getting engagement from their followers. You can also use this research to capitalize on areas that your competitors may not be the strongest in, and implement them into your posts. 
Understanding your audience’s likes and dislikes and the type of person they are will really help you when it comes to creating content that resonates with them. Start with your basic information, such as their gender, age range and where they live, then start to look more specifically at deciding what they could have an interest in, where they work, potential income etc. This will help you to narrow down your target group and create the perfect posts that will sell your product or service to them. 
What is Your Brand Voice? 
You brand voice is the tone of voice you use on your social media posts. Often, your brand voice will be different to your general tone of voice that you’d use on your personal Facebook. Your brand voice can range anywhere between strictly professional and business like to more friendly and humorous. Whatever your brand voice is, you must make sure it is suitable and reflects your business well. If you’re a funeral director, you wouldn’t select to go for a more humorous brand voice – the tone you choose has to be perfect. You can work out your brand voice by taking a look at your audience demographics and working out what they may prefer – younger audiences may not like more corporate styles of wording. You have to make sure you’re judging your brand voice correctly in order to speak to the right audiences. 
Use The KISS Model 
The KISS Model stands for ‘Keep It Short and Simple’. Your posts don’t need to be a long paragraph of text, as this can be difficult to consume and to retain the audience’s interest. You need to make sure your posts are easy to read, consist of around 2-3 sentences per paragraph, and that there are only 3-4 paragraphs maximum. This will allow you to explain and advertise your service, whilst also letting you leave a little mystery so that your audience will have to click on your call to action to find out more. If your posts do have to be longer, use subheadings in order to split up content. 
Images And Videos 
Images and Videos are great uses of content that can take your social media posts to the next level. Modern audiences consume information a lot easier through videos or graphics instead of text, so it’s important you’re using these in your posts. Creating good, impressive graphics takes time and planning – you need to work out a style, and how you’ll place images within this graphic. Don’t overload your graphics with images and text – simplicity and minimalism are key to creating strong graphics that advertise your product or service. Use your brand colours, and make sure your graphics are consistent across social media so that you can build up brand recognition. You should also add ‘Alt Text’ where possible, so it’s easy for those who use screen readers to know what it is you’re advertising via images – accessibility is key to making sure you’re involving everyone in your audience and keeping their needs in mind. 
As attention spans are getting shorter, videos need to be the perfect length in order to retain viewership. 2-5 minutes worth of video should be enough for you to talk about your product, service or trending industry topics. Your editing needs to be done correctly too – jump cuts help to split up a long section of speaking, which keeps the audience engaged. Graphics are also important for videos to convey the most important points – you should show an image of your product if you’re talking about it, so the audience know exactly what it is you’re selling. Subtitles should also be something you consider when it comes to creating videos for your business, as again, these can help to make your content more accessible to your audience. 
Call To Action 
Make sure you posts have a Call To Action (CTA). CTA’s tell your audience what to do next, whether that be to visit your website, buy your product now or sign up to a service. This helps you to finish of your social media posts, and let interested people continue to look into what you’re offering. Without a CTA, audiences will often just click away no matter if they enjoyed your content or not, so make sure you’re directing them somewhere and keeping their interest in you engaged and at the forefront of their minds. 
Creating content for social media takes planning and time to get correct, but when you start to see your posts working it’s not only rewarding – but can also really help you to sell and grow your business into a success. Start creating good social media content today and see how It can help you 
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