Ensuring your business has a high volume of engagement across social media is crucial to building a successful company. In the modern age, the fastest way for a potential client to reach you is through the different social channels. Starting out online can seem like a daunting process, but with the right strategy, you could potentially see an exponential amount of growth with your business in a shorter amount of time. 
Engagement is a crucial part to marketing your brand on social media. You can’t expect to go straight in with an audience, building one will take time. Checking what your competitors do will help you target the areas where they maybe aren’t the strongest, and also give you time to really work out which content seems to drive the most traffic to your page. This period of trialing different posts will give you an insight into what to post more or less of in the future. Advertising will help you to gain a following. Whilst promoted posts can be expensive, simply posting across platforms about your other social media pages and asking for your existing audience to share your posts can help with promotion and follower growth. 
Social Media engagement will be beneficial when tracking analytics – this will give you a clearer insight into who your audience is online. From age range, to gender and location, you’ll be able to really narrow down the audience you’re addressing with your posts. From this, you can work out a good content plan and social media strategy. When is the optimal time to post? What posts are gaining the most engagement? What audience is interacting with this content? All of these questions will give you the opportunity to really resonate with your audience and build a strong brand reputation among those who are engaged with your business online. 
Social Media is able to be accessed at any time, and allows you to respond instantly and directly to customer feedback. 71% of customers expect a response to feedback within an hour, according to research commissioned by Twitter in 2016. It’s important to remember that no matter how upset a customer may be with your service, that you respond in a calm and professional manner. You are representing the brand, and any negative attention in regards to how you respond to comments could have an effect on how your brand is viewed. Making customers aware that you are present and interacting with their comments will give you the opportunity to build good relationships with them, and hopefully will keep them engaging with future content. 
Tips for Gaining Engagement 
Interaction - You have a straight connection to your customers, and you should take advantage of this. Even if the comment is just a passing compliment, letting them know you’ve seen it by acknowledging it in some capacity can really help with building a positive relationship. For example, the ‘like’ feature may seem like an easy response, but to a consumer, this will show them that their feedback has been acknowledged. 
Content that’s interactive, such as a question, quiz or competition is likely to boost engagement, as it requires a response from your followers. However, don’t ‘overdo it’ - you're still trying to build a brand for yourself and promote your product or service. 
Establish a brand voice – How are you going to interact with customers? Will it be a strictly professional type of interaction, or will you try and use humour occasionally? Do you want to come off as traditionally corporate or more friendly? All of this is important to consider. You want to make sure your brand voice is consistent across all platforms. It can be used as a way to identify your brand. Whatever avenue you choose to take with your brand voice, make sure you’re sensitive to any issues that may be raised, and that you’re aware at all times at how you could come across. For example, a joke made in poor taste could be detrimental to the brands reputation. 
Use images – Posts with attractive images instantly stand out on timelines and are likely to encourage engagement. Of course, Instagram is the perfect platform for visual content, so making your content visual will really help to boost likes, comments and shares. Sticking within the brand guidelines when it comes to colours, styles of posts and layouts will aid this, helping your brand be recognised when it appears on your followers feed. 
Hashtags – Hashtags can promote your posts easily. Using relevant hashtags will mean anyone searching for that specific thing may see what you’re posting about. If they like your content, they’re likely to interact. Interactions boost engagement, and the more engagement you get, the higher your post is likely to be boosted. Hashtags are a simple but effective way to reach new audiences. 
Engagement won’t happen overnight, and understanding this when creating social media posts and [ 
pages is important. Building your following by taking your time to understand your content and audiences' requirements from it will ultimately give you the relevant expertise and experience needed to successfully manage potential engagement on a larger scale than when you originally started. 
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