There are so many different forms of content to use on social media - from text-based posts to elaborate videos and graphics, your content is what draws the audience in and gets them engaging with your business online. 
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re overhauling your content strategy, picking the right style depends on your business and your plans to engage your target audience. 
If you’re looking for the best content style for you, here’s what you could be using for your social media marketing…. 
Video Content 
Video Marketing has always been a big part of the digital marketing landscape, but it’s only in the last few years that a boom in this side of social media has taken place and opened up a whole new world to those looking for another way to advertise their products. 
Whilst the 2010s saw video content marketing remain mainly on sites like Facebook and Youtube, the introduction of TikTok, Reels and YouTube Shorts towards the end of the decade and start of the 2020s has seen a huge shift in audiences who were too young in the previous decade to purchase, flock to these sites and engage. Reports by Hubspot found short form video content had the highest ROI in 2023, and Statista found that over 71% of TikTok users will purchase from TikTok Shop after seeing a video for a specific item on their For You Pages. 
If your target audience is skewed towards the younger generation, then short form video content is something you have to consider. TikTok’s main user base is made up of Gen Z and Millennials, so you’ll need to get engaged with what’s popular on the platform with them if you want to begin appearing on their FYP. 
Despite this, long form video content does still have a place online – it gives you an opportunity to explain and show in more detail what your products and services do, give behind the scenes access and get your brand message and values across. Whilst this may not have as high of a ROI as shortform content, it can still be successful for you to post in places like Facebook, YouTube and even LinkedIn. 
Go Live 
The live video feature is available on almost all platforms – with X also offering a more live podcast-style called Spaces – and gives you the opportunity to reach people in real time. They can ask questions and get instant responses, you can promote exclusive content, get conversations started with your audience and involve them with your live videos. Spaces on X allow you to add other users as speakers, which could be great for getting your customers to come on and talk directly to you and share their experiences with your business. You’ll be able to build loyal relationships with your audience and show your industry knowledge and experience to those watching or listening. 
User Generated Content (UGC) 
UGC is content created by your audience that you share onto your official business platforms. It’s unsponsored content that organically shows other members of your audience how your products or services have helped one of your customers. As your target audience are likely to all have similar features and problems, UGC helps them see themselves in a happy and satisfied customer, and can help to convert them into a buyer. UGC is popular on Meta platforms (Instagram & Facebook), where it performs much better than on X and LinkedIn, so if these are your chosen platforms you should consider making this part of your strategy. 
Sales Content 
Content that links to your shoppable items can drive sales through social media. As mentioned above, TikTok Shop has great conversion rates between video viewers clicking through to make a purchase, and Instagram allows you to tag products via their shop function too, driving audiences directly to a prooduct they're interested in. 
Text Based Content 
Whilst graphics and videos may instantly catch the eye, it’s what’s in the text that matters. This is where you get to share insights, information and sell your business and your products to people who are interested in what else you have to offer beyond a nice-looking image. Blogs are also forms of text-based content, and allow you a bigger outlet to put your industry expertise into action and prove yourself as a trusted source. 
If you’re looking to get your point across in a more creative way that doesn’t involve you explaining your point in a caption, infographics are the way to go. They’re great for visual based platforms like Instagram and have seen rising popularity on LinkedIn recently as they’re perfect for carousel posts. 
Infographics make information easily digestible and easy to understand without losing any value or straying away from your brand values. They’re easy to brand, and can becoming a big part of promoting your products on social media. Ideas for infographics could include explaining how your products help, how they’re created, to launch new products, advertise any events or upcoming live videos – anything you have enough information about to interest your audience can be made into an infographic as long as its relevant. 
Content Marketing is the crux of social media marketing – and hopefully some of these forms will give you an idea of what to include in your strategy. Find the ones that work for your business and develop your creation of them today to build a successful brand online. 
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