If you’re sending emails to your clients, you’ll want them to open them. However, there are many reasons why your open rate and clickthrough rate is low when it comes to your email marketing, which if optimised, could really provide you with another platform that brings you success. 
If you’ve been struggling with your email marketing, then here are some simple tips that can help to improve your open and clickthrough rate. 
Don’t Buy Email Addresses 
If you want to build your email list, you’ll want to make sure you’re sending emails to the correct audience. It can be tempting to buy an email list so that you can start your campaign knowing you have people to send it to, however you don’t know these people, and if they’ll be interested at all in your business. This will instantly affect your open and clickthrough rate, as if the majority of this purchased email list don’t have an interest in your industry, they’re likely to ignore your email. 
Email lists are also a breach of GDPR – in 2018, a new law was introduced in Europe to protect users personal internet data. You need to allow users to sign up by putting their emails into a form or pop up on your website, and you need to give them the option to opt-out. Getting customers who have a clear interest in your industry to sign up to your emails will be beneficial in the long run, as you’ll receive a better clickthrough and open rate, even if the list starts off small. 
Email Your Contacts Quickly 
When someone signs up to your email, send them an email quickly to acknowledge that they’ve signed up. Often, companies will offer a discount for signing up, and will enclose this discount within an email – instantly increasing their open rate. 
Sending a regular email for your company within 24 hours of your contact signing up will give them an idea of your regular marketing and style of your emails, allowing you to set expectations about what they have signed up for. 
Write An Eye-catching Heading and Subject Line 
Your heading and subject line need to be eye-catching and persuasive. How will you get people invested in your content? Creating a catchy hook for your email will persuade them to open it. Using specific terms like ‘exclusive’ offers the audience something that is just for the mailing list, and terms like ‘don’t miss out’ and ‘hurry!’ will also get people to open email, as it’s a time sensitive and may be offering something they’re after at a discounted price or as part of a deal. A good way to get ideas is by looking at how other companies you receive emails from and regularly interact with in your industry will send emails, as you’ll be able to see how their headlines and subject lines are structured to create maximum engagement. 
Enticing your audience to open will also help your click through rate, as you can use a specific link within the email that leads them to what the headline and subject line is offering. 
Add A CTA 
A CTA (Call To Action) will direct the person who opens the email to a specific location, such as your website or your social media. Having at least one CTA on your email instantly helps you improve your click through rate, as there will be a link or button available for the audience to interact with. Convince them to click using persuasive wording, and make any links attached to text noticeable by formatting it with different colours or underlining the text to make it stand out. 
Optimize For Mobile Users 
Mobile users need to be able to see your emails. If your emails aren’t formatted to be suited to mobile devices, your instantly alienating a potentially huge part of your audience. Websites like MailChimp can help you to review how your email will appear on mobile devices before you schedule it to send, and this will help you modify a few areas where it may not look the best so that it fully works on all devices. 
You can also send yourself a test email to make sure that it’s optimised for all devices before you send it out to your mailing list, so you can be sure the email is perfect for mobile and desktop users. 
Monitor Your Emails Performance 
When you’ve sent out an email campaign, you’ll want to monitor how they’re performing. This can help you with editing a few areas that may not work the best, switching up the template and discovering which emails have the best open rate. You’ll be able to then create an email marketing plan around these analytics, so you’re reaching the maximum audience who want to engage with you, open your emails and interact with the content inside. 
Keep Emails Concise 
Don’t make your emails too long. You want to keep them short and sweet, as well as getting across some good information, news, offers or deals so they can be consumed and understood quickly. You don’t want to make your emails too long, as this may lose the audiences attention span and see them click away, which can hinder your clickthrough rate from increasing. 
Starting email campaigns can take time if you want them to grow organically, but they can be extremely rewarding if you’re committed to constantly improving and modifying them to suit with your businesses current objectives. Follow these tips today and begin creating successful emails! 
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