Digital Marketing is a broad term, and encompasses many different elements – two of the biggest being social media marketing and email marketing. Both are popular with businesses looking to attract more customers beyond the traditional forms of marketing, and have seen great results for those choosing to go with these forms of digital marketing. 
Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing can both link to boost their performance on their respective platforms, whilst also tying your digital marketing efforts together. Here’s how you can link both platforms together to create a winning strategy for your business. 
What Is Social Media Marketing? 
Social Media Marketing is where you’ll publish content and/or ads on social media platforms with efforts to bring in new audiences, reach potential customers, communicate with those following you and sell your products/services. Marketing Channels include Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok, where businesses can choose the right one that suits their requirements, style and audience to get the best results. 
With over 3 billion users, social media isn’t as easy to attract organic reach as it once was, but it’s big benefit it the ‘social’ aspect of it. Building great customer relationships allows you to create both trust and loyalty in your brand, both of which can serve you well when it comes to marketing. If other visitors to your business page can see you value your audience, and that you audience trust your business to give them a great service/product, you’ll be able to show that you’re a trusted and respected brand amongst similar audiences. 
What Is Email Marketing? 
Email Marketing is exactly what is says – using marketing techniques to directly email your clients or those on your mailing list.  
As soon as you have someone on your mailing list, you can begin your marketing efforts, sending them updates and offers about your products or services. 4.2 billion people use emails, with two thirds of people making a purchase that comes directly from emails, so marketing in this way can only boost your digital marketing efforts. 
Linking Social Media and Email Marketing 
Whilst both work as separate entities, you can link the two to really maximise their reach and engagement. This doesn’t mean just posting a link to join your mailing list, or specifically doing an email just asking for people to follow you on social media – there are better, more engaging ways to interest audiences between the two.  
Emails will usually be in a more sales-pitch style compared to social media, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid putting social links in altogether. One way you can tie the two together is having a section of your email that tells customers where they can find you on social media, and link these accounts within the email. That way, those on your mailing list will have both content within the email as usual, and also links to socials if they want to continue to keep up with you. If you specifically use your social platforms for different means - e.g, product updates on Instagram but Tutorials on YouTube, then make this clear in your copy so the audience can choose which platform suits their needs more. 
When it comes to your social media, content is at the forefront, so make sure you add some value before putting in a link to join your mailing list. Explain to the audience what they’ll get from signing up to your mailing list – this will help to differentiate between what you offer on both platforms, whilst keeping your audience engaged with both. Entice social audiences by offering discounts on sign up – this is great when your ads lead people to sign up for your mailing list, as this can help drive their decision to click through. Offers can also help drive purchasing decisions too, and if they’re happy with the product, your emails and social media can act a reminder to them that you’re still around and still selling products they may be interested in purchasing, which could turn them into a loyal customer. 
Digital Marketing practices can be used cohesively for broader engagement and to attract bigger audiences on whichever platforms you choose to market with. Have a go at marketing your business by linking your social media and email marketing campaigns to see how much impact they have on growing both platforms for your business. 
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