If you’re wanting to get your business out there on social media, you need a social media strategy. This will help you plan how your business will appear on social media channels, and will help you work out a route to having online success. 
Your strategy needs to consider a number of things, from what and when you post to the tracking of analytics. 
Looking to get started? Here are some tips on how to create a great social media strategy. 
Who Is Your Target Audience? 
You need to know who it is you’re planning to target. Without knowing your audience, you may not see the results you desire. Your business has the opportunity to reach new people online, and therefore your need to ensure you’re targeting the right group. 
You can target your audience on age, gender, location, income, job type and interests. You need to make sure you know who are the most likely to engage with you and your business, and begin targeting your content towards that group. Join Facebook groups and check out what your competitors with similar audiences are doing so that you can gain an understanding and potentially get ideas for your own content. 
Focus On Just A Few Channels 
Many small businesses won’t have the time or resources to run their business whilst trying to keep up with updating their social media accounts. You need to find out which platforms would be best for you. If you’re looking to do more B2B marketing, then LinkedIn is an ideal platform to choose. If you’re looking for B2C, then more traditional platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are your best bet. 
Take a look at your content and see where it’d fit best – if it’s more video content, then YouTube and TikTok are great platforms, as is Instagram for visual content. If your content is more targeted towards interaction and creating lasting customer relationships, try Facebook. Research the platforms you’re thinking about choosing and create an account on 2-3 of them, so you can efficiently keep up with running them alongside your business. 
Create A Content Calendar 
What content will you post on what days? How many times will you post a week? Creating a content calendar as part of your strategy will help you get a good idea of when you need to post, and on which platforms. You’ll be able to get prepared so you won’t have to worry about creating your posts on the day they need to go up. 
You can also take advantage of scheduling tools that will post your content automatically on your chosen platform when you need them too, so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Sites such as Hootsuite will schedule your content for you, so you can spend more time on the running of your business. 
Consistency Is Key 
If you’re not consistent, it can confuse or put off your audience. Posting loads of content one week, and then not having anything for the next few weeks is not the way to go. Keep to a consistent schedule and you’ll be able to keep your audience engaged. 
Consistency also applies to your brand voice, brand colours and your graphics. If you were to make any sudden changes, you need to tell your audience beforehand so that they are aware of any noticeable differences that you may make so you can avoid confusion further down the line. 
Have A Response Plan 
You need to make sure you have a plan in your strategy when it comes to responding to comments. You need to respond in a timely manner, and clear up any issues quickly. Take complaints and queries offline and into direct messages, and make sure you acknowledge if any reviews you get happen to be fake. This will help with your brand reputation, and by responding in a quick, professional, friendly manner, you’ll avoid any heated discussions or any further negative reflections on your business. 
Keep Track Of your Analytics 
Your analytics are your window into how people are responding to you, and what you need to change. Your analytics are important as they give you insight into whether you’re reaching the correct audiences, which posts are performing best and which times are deal for you to post. If your analytics show that your current strategy isn’t working, use the information your get from them to make changes and tweaks to your strategy. 
Social Media Strategies need to be in place, and need to be easy to follow for your employees so that everyone in your business knows exactly what they need to do in order to run your social media effectively. Start creating your social media strategy today and get your business known online. 
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