When you start creating a plan for your Facebook Ads, one of the key things to make note of is the Ad Copy. This is what helps to sell your ad to the audience, so must be effective and persuasive enough to get people to engage with you. 
Facebook Ad copy is important – when a user is interested in what they see, whether it be a graphic, article or video, one of the first places they’ll find more information about the ad on is in the copy This needs to convince and direct them to your landing page, where they can take further action. 
If you need help with writing Facebook Ad Copy, here are some strategies to boost engagement. 
Know Your Audience 
You target your audience in order to ensure the ad is being displayed to the right people, so write to that audience. Knowing exactly who it is you’re speaking to will help you form the style of copy that your write. 
Creating a persona for your audience will help you figure out who exactly it is you plan to target with your copy and ad in general. You’ll be able to get a vision for who a member of your target audience could be, gathering all the information you have about them to get an idea of who they are and what they may need from a business like yours to get them engaged with you. 
If you’re speaking to an older audience, your tone will be completely different to if you’re speaking to a younger one, so make sure your audience is considered when writing your ad copy. 
Use The KISS Model 
The KISS Model is a great strategy to use when writing you ad copy. KISS stands for ‘Keep It Short & Simple’. By making your ad copy condensed, not too long but also not too short, your audience will be able to retain the information better. 
You need to remember you’re speaking to people who may know a little bit about your industry, but they aren’t experts – use simple language they’ll understand. A good way is hitting the audience with an issue they may have – and answering this issue with a solution (your business). You can help them solve a problem. This will help to hook them in and get a quick answer, getting them engaged with your Facebook advert. 
Always Add A CTA 
You need to have a call to action (CTA). This helps direct your audience on what to do next. If you don’t let your audience know the next steps, then they may keep scrolling or not know where to go for more information. Giving them a clear direction on what they need to do, such as click a link, will help them and you, seeing more engagement come your way! 
Match Your Visuals 
Does your copy match your visuals? If your visual design is saying one thing, but the copy is saying another, you may end up confusing the audience. It’s important you keep consistent with the elements going into the ad you created, as this will help you to tie everything together. Cohesion is important, so make sure you checking often that it’s all matching up and consistent. 
Write Ads For Different People 
If you’re targeting more than one age group, then write different ads. As previously mentioned, different age groups will require different ad copy targeting – what’s relevant to one may not be relevant to another. Making sure you have different and appropriate ad copy will only help to boost your ad’s performance and engagement, allowing you to maximise your reach and your audience. 
It’s not just age groups that require different ad copy – it comes down to interests, gender, income etc. too. You can build multiple audience personas if you need to, in order to help with writing an ad that targets that specific persona. 
Play On Emotions 
Ads that play on an audience’s emotions and cause them to connect are an effective way to get people engaged. 
One thing that drives people to take action is an emotional connection – if they feel like what you’re offering will bring some kind of value or feeling to them, they’re likely to click your ad and follow any directions you’ve given in your ad. Therefore, using words that are time-sensitive, target customer pain points and relate to them as an individual, you can see your ad get more engagement. 
Getting your ad copy write first time can take some practice, and there’s no harm in testing copy to see which works best for your audience and your business. Follow these tips and get writing effective ad copy today! 
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