April is coming to an end, and over the month we’ve had some changes in the world of social media – let’s take a look at all the recent updates. 
Instagram Allowing 5 Links 
Instagram now allows users to put 5 links in their bio. Previously, users who wanted to link to multiple sites or other social media on Instagram would have to use services like Linktree. 
Now, users can add 5 separate links in their bio, and choose the order that these links appear in. This can be helpful for businesses who want to promote not just their website on their Instagram profile, but link to their other social media too. 
Twitter Advertisers Require Verification 
To advertise on Twitter, you now need to be verified. 
With Twitter recently removing all legacy blue-tick checkmarks for users with under 1 million followers, users will have to sign up and pay for the Twitter Blue service in order to use Twitter’s advertising features. 
Businesses currently paying $1000 per month on Twitter without verification will not need to be verified to continue advertising. 
Facebook Using AI Stories 
Facebook will begin generating AI stories for users based on their previously posted content. Called ‘advanced stories’, they will “allow Facebook to suggest high-quality, ready-made stories for you using advanced photo and video data, including image quality, location, the presence of people or animals”, according to the option offered to users on the platform. 
This is currently being rolled out for personal accounts, but may expand for businesses to use in the future. 
Google Review Update 
Google’s Google Review’s update was rolled out on April 12th, providing more options beyond ‘product review’s’. 
Users will now be able to review services, destinations and types of media, expanding the opportunity for those businesses who don’t sell or offer physical products, which can also help with ranking on Google and organic traffic. 
Instagram Reel Improvements 
Improvements have been made to Instagram Reels to make editing easier and maximise engagement for users. 
They’ve added a ‘Trends Hub’, so creators can find the latest trends instantly and see how many times they’ve been used across already uploaded Reels. Creators will no longer have to guess the trends, and can hop on them in order to boost their content in the algorithm. 
Instagram have also updated the way editing can be done, allowing users to now edit video, stickers, audio and text all on the same screen, with Instagram saying that the change ‘makes it easier to align and time elements of your reel to the right moments in a more visual way.”. 
Reel analytics have also been updated so the total and average watch time can be tracked so creators can figure out how to improve their content, and see what is and isn’t working with their current Reels. 
New YouTube Ad Options 
YouTube has introduced new advertising options, which now allow for businesses to advertise alongside trending music. 
The first option they’ve introduced is called ‘Gen Z Music’, where advertises can choose to show their ad next to popular music with this generation. YouTube explained this by saying: 
“It’s a no-brainer that songs by the likes of Bad Bunny, Doechii and Rosalía are popular with Gen Z, but most brands don’t realize that classic hits by Cyndi Lauper and underground music from the latest soon-to-be superstars are popular with Gen Z on YouTube, too. To align your brand with the music most popular with Gen Z at the moment, we’re launching the Gen Z Music package, which leverages AI-powered signals across YouTube to identify songs trending with Gen Z, so you can reach them with the music they know and love.” 
There you have it! All the latest news from April regarding social media updates, that can be beneficial to use for your marketing. Have a great May, and remember to keep an eye out for any more updates over the coming month. 
Finally, your social media tip for April 2023 is: Social media storytelling is not just a tactic to sell your products or services. In fact, if you use it as a tactic, your stories come off as a gimmick rather than an actual story. People don’t like indulging in gimmicks The goal isn’t to sell your product; that comes later. With storytelling, you tell your audience what your brand is all about. 
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