This October, there’s been a few changes to social media platforms that could be helpful for you to know so you can adapt and create your own business’ social strategies accordingly. 
Here’s all the news from October… 
YouTube Updates Partner Programme & YouTube Shorts 
YouTube has expanded its partner programme to include users in another 23 countries to have access to monetisation options should they have 500 or more subscribers. This was previously only rolled out to select regions. 
For Youtube Shorts, AI features are being rolled out to enhance videos and add filters to creator’s videos (much like TikTok). This is still in early development, although looks to be another way that YouTube plans to continue promoting the Shorts feature, making it a worthy competitor to both Reels and TikTok. 
New Link Preview Format on X 
X has changed the way links look, meaning now only the article image will show up when posted – which, when clicked, will take users to the linked site (as usual). Simply put, a post with a link will simply appear as a general post with a photo attached, rather than showing both the article image and headline. Whilst there is no real explanation to why this has been done, Elon Musk has been open about wanting content posted directly to X rather than it link outside the platform. 
This means anyone continuing to promote their website or articles will need to add more context to their posts – which may difficult for non-premium users with the character limit, but is still possible. Whether the change will have an impact on clicks and engagement is yet to be seen. 
Threads Continues To Add More Features 
In order to boost users and keep them using the platform, Meta has set out plans for Threads to have the following: 
• ‘Trending Topics’ feature 
• GIFs 
• Voice Posts 
Threads are now being show on Instagram, and could also be rolled out to show up on Facebook too. This is yet another way for Meta to expand it’s cross platform efforts, as it has done with Reels and sharing automatically sharing updates from Instagram to Facebook. 
Meta have also added the ‘edit post’ feature – something users have been asking for since Threads launched, putting it slightly ahead of X – who’s edit post feature is only available to premium users. 
All Videos To Have Captions on TikTok 
For TikTok users, all videos will now be given default captions in order to further improve accessibility. There will be an option to remove auto-generated captions from uploads, although this needs to be toggled prior to upload. TikTok said of the change: “You can modify the captions authorization status for any video that has already been posted before November. After which, all eligible videos in supported languages will have captions by default. This ensures that TikTok is inclusive and everyone can enjoy the app without language limitations.” 
YouTube Launches New Ad Option 
YouTube has launched ‘Spotlight Moments’ – an ad option that allows users to place their relevant ads around certain events, such as Christmas, Sports or Music events. This was explained by YouTube as the following: “YouTube connects the world during cultural moments and global events. Every day, billions of viewers turn to the platform to engage with content before, during and after major moments. They watch behind-the-scenes footage, highlight reels, fan analysis and more. That’s why this year, we’re continuing to innovate on moment-based ad opportunities. We’re introducing a new AI-driven package called Spotlight Moments, automatically identifying the most popular, relevant videos, making it even easier for advertisers to own the moment around key events, when viewers are most engaged.” 
Spotlight Moments use AI-based video identification and sorting to let advertisers maximize ad placements with current key events. 
Broadcast Channels Rolled Out To Facebook 
Finally, Instagrams new ‘Broadcast Channel’ feature will be used on Facebook and Messenger, allowing creators on that platform to take advantage of this new way to connect with dedicated audiences and provide exclusive updates. Channels can be promoted both in-feed and on the creators Facebook profile itself. 
That’s all for October! Remember to keep an eye out over the next month for more updates in the digital marketing world. Have a great November! 
Finally, your social media tip is: We've all been there – getting a tad too caught up with the 'likes', 'shares', and 'follows' on our social media channels. 
But here's a reality check: vanity metrics don't pay the bills. 
Yes, those heart-warming and uplifting metrics are great for the ego. They give us that quick buzz. 
But when the day ends, are they filling your business coffers? Are they translating into tangible growth? 
Let's shift our focus: 
1. From Followers to Leads: It's not about how many watch you, but how many want to engage with you. 
2. From Likes to Enquiries: A 'like' is fleeting, but an enquiry means genuine interest. 
3. From Shares to Sales: Sharing is caring, but a sale is a commitment. 
It's time to get strategic - dive deeper than surface metrics and prioritise actions that drive enquiries, leads, and most importantly, sales. 
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