Video marketing has become a powerful and important part of marketing on social media – with the rise of TikTok at the start of the 2020s resulting in more video content being pushed on other platforms – most recognisably the reels feature on Facebook and Instagram – it’s transformed the way businesses market towards their audience and potential customers. 
82% of the global internet traffic came from videos in 2022, with an audience reach of 97% worldwide. Videos can help to add context, give more information and introduce audiences to the faces behind the business – in fact, 96% of people use video to learn more about a product or service. 
The power of video marketing cannot be underestimated – here’s how you can use video for your business on social media. 
Set Your Goals 
As with any social media plans, you need to have set goals behind why you’re doing what you have planned, and what you want to achieve from it. Goals can be anything from engagement rates to simply building brand awareness. Consider how your videos will contribute to the customer journey and the marketing funnel (Awareness > Consideration > Purchase > Retention > Advocacy). You need to reach new customers, generate demand, get conversions, educate your customers about your products, and achieve gaining customers that will advocate for your brand. These are just a few things you can focus on with your goals, and you’ll know which to focus on best based on your current analytics and performance with your entire social media and digital marketing campaigns – if you’re starting out with video however, then awareness is a great place to start, as you can let people know that you’re joining the industry and are offering unique services/products to your audience. 
Choose Your Platforms 
You should already know which platforms are best for you to use for your overall marketing efforts, or you’ll be set up on platforms you already have experience with – which likely means you already have an existing audience on the platform too. Sites such as TikTok and YouTube that are specifically created for video content could be good places to start and promote across your platforms, or you could post your video content directly on the platforms you already use. 
Here are the different types of video content you can use on social media: 
• Facebook – Landscape and Portrait, Facebook Live, Stories, Reels 
• Instagram – Landscape and Portrait, Instagram Live, Stories, Reels 
• YouTube – Landscape video, YouTube Shorts, Live Streams 
• TikTok – Portrait videos, TikTok Live, Stories 
• X – Landscape and Portrait, Livestream 
• LinkedIn - Landscape, Livestream 
Select Your Video Types 
What do you want your audience to gain from watching your videos? What value will they provide both them and your business? Your videos need to convey something to your audience. Ideas could be showing them how to use your products, giving them information about services, showing behind the scenes operations, allowing the audience to meet the team in charge, interviews with guest speakers – the list is endless, and based on your audience, you can decide the best fit for them and your video marketing campaigns. 
Plan Your Content Production 
Your content needs to be well produced. Consider the camera’s you use, your audio equipment, the plans you have for your video, the tone of voice you’ll use and where you’re filming. A high-quality, well-produced video without any copyrighting problems and one that speaks directly to the viewers will help to set you up for video marketing success. If you’re using platforms, you’ve never used before then make sure you do your research and get to grips with the platform before diving in head-first. Create a plan prior to recording to make sure you and your team are on the same page about what each video is about and how you’re going to talk about the topic in the videos you create. 
You also need to consider post-production – how are you going to edit your videos? They, need to be polished and professional and need to be optimised on upload so that they have the best chance of getting seen. 
Check Analytics 
When your video is uploaded, or your livestream ends, then make sure you’re checking your analytics. This will help you have a concise and clear outlook on how you’re performing and give you an idea of when people are watching, how long they’re watching for, when they tune out – you can use all of this information to make decisions on improving your content and getting people to watch for longer. Analytics are key with any content you post – ignoring them could see you losing out on valuable engagement and followers, so make sure you keep up to date with them. 
Video content is making waves in marketing right now, and your business may benefit from hopping on the trend. As its popularity continues to grow, it’s important to get creating videos as soon as possible. Start creating videos today and see where it leads your business! 
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