Facebook offers businesses options to use paid ads on the platform – these are Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. Both work to “promote” your business, increase reach, engagement and sales, but have different properties to help you reach your ideal audiences. 
But which is best to use for your business? Here’s all you need to know about Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. 
Boosted Posts 
What are Boosted Posts? 
Boosted Posts are where you can create ‘adverts’ directly from posts you’ve put onto your Facebook Page. They help to engage audiences that already follow you – anything from comments to interacting with the media within the posts counts as an engagement, and these kinds of posts are more likely to be shared, helping to reach new customers. 
How Do Boosted Posts Fit In With A Marketing Strategy? 
Boosted Posts may seem pointless – especially as their main form of engagement comes from pre-existing customer and followers. However, it lets you know that these followers are still interacting with you and are still keeping up with your brand. If they like what you’re posting, and they share that to their friends, then you can grow your platform and have great brand awareness and reputation – if customers/followers like you enough to constantly like, comment and interact, then it shows your brand to be trusted and appreciated. 
Where Can Boosted Posts Be Found? 
They appear on timelines, and look like a general updates that can be interacted with like normal posts – they’re great ways to get directly in front of audiences – both old and new - without the corporate, selling tones ads can often have. 
Facebook Ads 
What are Facebook Ads? 
Facebook Ads are the traditional form of advertising on Facebook, and rely on the advert itself to get people engaged. You’ll be reaching a whole new audience with your targeting methods. You need your Facebook Ads to inform the potential customer about how your business can solve a problem they’re having, speaking directly to their pain points and offering solutions. It’s often the start of the purchasing process for those who recognise the value in your ad and what you’re selling, starting another customer journey for your business. 
How Do Facebook Ads Fit In With A Marketing Strategy? 
Facebook Ads bring in new customers – expanding your reach and engagement, building your audience and getting more engagement for outside sources too, such as your website. Facebook Ads are popular with marketers as they give you the opportunity to really get specific about your target audience, allows creativity to flourish with both ad copy and graphics and can become an integral part of your strategy when you find an ad that works in the exact way you set out for it. 
Where Can Facebook Ads Be Found? 
Facebook Ads can be found either between timeline posts or to the side of your timeline depending what device you’re using. They can also be placed between videos. It’s clear they’re not general posts (as boosted posts appear to look like), and they need catchy graphics, copy and titles to stop users in their tracks, pause their scrolling and have them clicking through to find out more. 
Which Is Best For Your Business? 
Knowing which marketing style to use for your Facebook Ads boils down to your goals – when you first set out to approach Facebook as a platform for your marketing, what did you set out to achieve from it? If it was to keep up engagement from your existing customers, then boosted posts are definitely the ideal choice – if you’re looking for new interaction and customers, then Facebook Ads are the safest bet. 
You need to consider your budget too – Facebook Ads don’t need to be expensive, but can end up costing you more than Boosted Posts. If you’re a small business with little budget, starting out with Boosted Posts whilst you design and refine a Facebook Ad marketing strategy may save you money in the long run and keep you from spending on Ads that don’t work. 
Facebook is the perfect tool for social media marketing, and those looking towards it must research the best ways to use it to achieve their marketing aspirations. Take a look at Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads and decide the best for your business today! 
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