When you set yourself up on social media, you need to promote your business to your audience, and make people aware of who you are and what the values of your brand are. 
Learning how to make your brand resonate with an online audience when you’ve never done social media marketing before can be difficult, but is a rewarding process that can see your business grow and bring in a lot of customers. 
Here are some tips on how you can build brand awareness on your social media. 
Know Your Audience 
One of the most important parts of your marketing is knowing your audience. Understanding exactly who they are and what their needs are will help you create an image of who your ideal audience member is. 
Knowing their age, gender, job, location, hobbies, interests, income and even things such as important life events are all needed in order for you to get a clear view on who you want to target. 
When you know your audience, getting your brand out in front of them becomes easier, as you can target your campaigns directly towards them, especially when you run ads that are created specifically to target members of your desired audience. If you consistently show up in their feed, then their awareness of your brand will become heightened, and may even get them engaging with you regularly before turning into a fully-fledged customer. 
What Platforms Should You Use? 
Part of building your audience persona is knowing what platforms they use. By appearing on the platforms your audience use the most, your visibility will increase which can only help to build your brand awareness. 
Research your competitors and your audience and see where the most traction is coming from. This will help you to discover the platform that engages your ideal audience members, and start using these platforms yourself to draw in followers. 
Create Content For The Platform 
Whilst linking to outside pieces of content is a great way of cross-promoting, you also need to find a balance with keeping things in-feed also. Users often won’t open a social media platform with the goal of clicking through to websites that result in them leaving said platform to access content elsewhere, so make sure you strike a balance with creating content solely to use on the platforms you’ve decided to use, as well as occasionally linking to outside content such as your website or blogs to keep up a good balance. 
You also need to keep in mind that each platform will need different things content wise – Instagram for example will need some kind of cohesive visual content, TikTok requires (but isn’t limited to) vertical video formats, LinkedIn sees great engagement when you go for carousel posts etc. When you have an idea about what you want to create, make a content plan that your team understands and get creative with what you plan to post. Make sure you use your brand colours and logo and make your content individual and original. Brand recognition and brand awareness go hand in hand, so make sure people are recognising when posts on their feed are coming from you, which will in turn build their awareness of your business. 
Use Trending Topics 
Staying up to date with trends is a great way of getting your brand out in front of people. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels allow you to pick trending sounds and filters and use them to your advantage. Often, brands will use these trends to add some light humour to their marketing, whilst also reaching out to audiences and showing them their products/services in action. 
Take a look at what other brands in your industry with similar audiences do, and try and create content that’s unique to you but also leverages these trends to really help take your marketing to the next level and boost your brand awareness. 
Be Social 
If you get any comments or reviews, make sure you reply. By doing this, you’ll create lasting relationships with audience members, and you’ll also appear whenever someone clicks to view reviews about your business or looks to see what the comments are. Responding to comments will help your position in the algorithm and get you appearing more often on people’s news feeds. 
Use Paid Options 
If you have the budget, a great way to build brand awareness is using Pay Per Click options such as Ads. As mentioned earlier, Ads are able to be targeted directly to your ideal audience, with options on platforms like Facebook to even use lookalike audiences that help to target people who are similar to your custom audience for your ad, and could be previous viewers of your content or website visitors. 
Paid ads are a great way to sell your content and bring in new followers, helping you to expand your marketing beyond simply posting to a business page. Make sure your ads speak directly to your audience, hitting their pain points and attracting them to following your call to action. Make sure your ads impress both in the copywriting department and visually. There are many different ad formats you can work with, and picking one that really helps to sell your business and get people aware of who you are will help your ads perform. 
Brand Awareness is something all businesses need to strive towards if they want to build their business into a success, and with social media marketing you can really build up a loyal and valued customer base that will further help to promote your brand. Follow these tips and see your brand awareness improve today. 
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