Social Media is an excellent tool to use for your marketing. It has a range of benefits that can boost your engagement, increase sales and revenue and generate valuable leads. 
Using Social-Media can be difficult when you first start out, and naturally will be a trial-and-error process – even if you have a well set-out marketing plan. Some posts will perform better than others, ads will need to be changed and updated to speak to the correct audiences and finding a balance for your posts will take time. however, the results make this process extremely rewarding, and can help to position you as one of the leading businesses within your industry. 
Here’s how you can use social media to generate leads and increase sales. 
How To Help Lead Generation 
Lead Generation can be helped by three things, website traffic, engagement and brand awareness. 
Website traffic can be boosted by your social media marketing efforts, and by promoting or linking your website on your platforms you can drive visitors to site and turn them simply from a follower to a valued customer. 
Engagement is a big one for social media – high quality content will bring in your audience, and will help to boost your business page’s performance and appearance on people’s timelines. You can use this engagement to improve your social media marketing plan, build customer relationships and attract even more followers and customers. 
Brand Awareness is simply what it says in the title – making people aware of your brand, and recognising it when it pops up. It helps them to learn more about you and what you’re selling, and what your brands values are. If these values align with that of the viewer, then it can help to turn them into followers and customers. 
Social Media Tips to Generate Leads & Sales 
Optimise Your Profile 
You need to optimise your social media profile in order to give your audience all the information they need to know about you, align it with your branding, and keep your appearance on all platforms consistent. 
You must provide information that points your audience and customers on how they can contact you, and give the location of your business if you own a store that they can visit. You can also give CTA’s such as ‘visit our website’ to get people clicking through to your site. This is important as you’re giving the audience a direction on what they need to do. You must also include a CTA in your posts to give them value, help with your engagement and product promotion and get more people discovering what you’re selling/offering and purchasing it. 
Create Engaging Content 
Your content must be engaging and compelling. If an audience can understand how your product or service solves a problem they have, then they’re likely to respond to your post and purchase what you’re selling. Hitting their pain points is an important tactic for social media marketing – if they can relate to your posts and see how it’s a reflection of themselves or an issue they have, then it will work in favour for your business. 
You should be using your audience persona to create this kind of content. You know everything about the people your business is made for and targeted towards, and should know what kind of content they’re likely to interact with. If you’re unsure where to start, build up a mental image of your perfect customer, based on their gender, age, income, hobbies, location etc. Then, take a look at competitors in your industry with similar audiences and see what kind of content they post in order to gain interaction. Don’t copy them, and find your own niche, but it will give you an idea on the direction you can take your own content in. 
Don’t be afraid to take risks – especially at the start of your journey, you’ll be on a trial-and-error process with your content. Make sure you monitor your analytics to see if these risks are paying off, and see what content is performing best. Then you can create your strategy around your performance. Knowing the best day and time to post and what content is doing best will help you going forwards with your social media. 
Create A Targeted Ad 
Targeted ads are great ways for your to increase your sales. They’ll appear on the timelines of the audience you set out to target, and will send them straight to your website based on the direction you give them in the ad. 
You can also generate leads – some social sites such as Facebook even have an ad type specifically for lead generation. Get people to sign up to your businesses email or marketing lists and expand the audience you’re currently reaching out to. 
Paid ads are an important part of social media marketing as they can help to increase brand awareness, reach more people, boost your sales and improve clickthrough rate. It’s important to make sure your ads are reaching the right audience, as if you target everyone, you won’t see the results that you desire and will be spending money on ads that aren’t performing for your business as they would if the targeting was done correctly. 
Make Sure You Have A Great Website 
If you’re directing your audience off social media and to your website, you need to make sure it looks professional and performs well. If you’re not sure on how to create your own website, then sites like WIX and Wordpress are great tools to use to set up your website and landing pages. Alternatively, you can outsource this to another company, who you trust to create you an incredible website that is successful for your business. 
Social Media is an excellent tool that business owners should be taking advantage of if they’d like to be successful online. It can help to get your name out there and get you reaching out to audience’s who may not have found you using traditional marketing methods. Use these tips and begin increasing your leads and sales today. 
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