LinkedIn allows you to make business connections and build up a professional profile. On LinkedIn, you’ll be able to build a rapport with these connections and create solid business relationships. But how do you generate these connections and leads? Where do you start? You need to optimise your profile and use of LinkedIn if you want to make a lasting impression, and here are some tips to get you started. 
There’s wealth in your network, and growing it has never been easier than now. LinkedIn allows you to find like-minded people in your industry who can become vital business connections in future. When you first start on LinkedIn you want to make connections, so even connecting with family and friends will give you a head start. When you reach over 200 connections, you’ll start getting noticed on the platform, and see your network begin to grow. When you make a connection on LinkedIn, write why you’re connecting. Look over the profile of the person you’re looking to connect with, so you can tell them what about their business or profile made you want to connect with them. LinkedIn is the right place to have business conversations, so telling someone why you’re connecting will already begin to build a relationship for you. More connections will show you’re trusted and will build your name in your industry. 
Your profile is making an impression 24/7, so making sure its up-to-date with the relevant information and interesting for people to look over is important. Your profile is not your CV – you’re not trying to get hired if you’re not interested in applying for a job, you’re just trying to make connections in your industry. Write your posts for people who are interested in whatever topic your business revolves around, instead of trying to sell yourself like you would in an interview or in a CV. There are sections on LinkedIn for you to list your experience and expertise, so put that information in there and not in your main posts to your connections – if they want to find that information out, they’ll look at those sections on your profile. 
LinkedIn research has found 80% of people who come across your profile first are likely to stick with you instead of looking for others. In order to keep these people around and engaged, be consistent with your posting, update your information when needed, and engage where necessary. Keeping a relationship with these people is highly important if you want to grow your business and retain your audience. They want to know who you are, like your business, you and and trust you. Give them the opportunity to do all of those things by making your profile a good fit for them. 
When you’re writing about yourself, stick to relevant information. Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter which are more personal platforms for you to share details about your life, LinkedIn and its users mainly stick to a business context only. Firstly, tell people what you do and what your business or the company you work for is about. What problems does this company solve? You need to establish your credibility. Mention positive feedback you might’ve received, one of two achievements you’ve received since working in your industry. How do you work and how have you seen growth? You also can use some of the information to create your summary in your experience section. Finish with a call to action. Link your website, your shop or your contact details. Invite people to connect with you. When people get this insight about you, they’re more likely to discover if you’d be a good connection for their business and give you the chance to build a strong business relationship with them. Alternatively, they may convert into customers for your business, boosting your online sales of your products. 100% of your sales can be achieved online if you’re marketing is strong enough, so make sure you’re optimising your platforms as much as possible if you want this to happen for your business. 
Building connections can take time, but when you start, you’re likely to see more start being created as you expand your network. LinkedIn can and will work if you put the time into it, and you’ll be able to develop strong leads and foundations for your business when your profile is optimised to its full potential. Get started on LinkedIn today and see you network grow. 
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