LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing. You can reach out to business owners in your industry, make connections and support each other on your business journeys. LinkedIn also lets you advertise your services to people interested in your industry, so that you can attract new customers and clients. 
LinkedIn, like other platforms, is a great choice for you to give your business an online presence. There are certain times that you can post on the platform for maximum reach and engagement. Here are some of the best times to post on LinkedIn. 
What The Research Says 
HubSpot research has outlined specific days and times that are best for your business to post on LinkedIn. Mondays aren’t advised, as many business owners will be busy catching up with work they may have received over the weekend, or completing work that needs finishing from the week before. Mid-week is best to post, as this is when business owners frequent LinkedIn more often. Fridays are advised if you post during the workday, before business owners and employees log off for the weekend. 
The best day and time to post is said to be at 12pm on Wednesday. This could be due to many owners taking their break around this time, allowing workers to spend time on social media when they’re not working. Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8 am–10 am are also good days to post on, as workers won’t have the hectic build up of work to complete like they would do on a Monday, giving them more time to check through LinkedIn at the start of their working day. Thursdays see higher traffic than any other day on LinkedIn, and this is usually around 9 am. This is because work will be winding down as the weekend gets closer, but people will still be more focused on their job than the weekend ahead. This is the same for posting at 9am on Friday – posting late in the day will see less engagement as workers will be more focused on clocking off for the weekend rather than the job at hand. 
Top Tips For Finding the Best Time For You 
Look At Competitors – you need to practice social listening – when do your competitors post, and how often? You want to avoid clashing with your competitors, so make sure you get ahead by posting just before they do, or just after – this will help you stand out and be the first business potential customers and clients will see. 
Follow Your AnalyticsYour LinkedIn analytics will tell you how often your connections and followers will come online, and at what times of the day. Therefore, make sure you’re using this to your advantage by finding out the optimal times for you to post, and post slightly before your audience comes online so that you come up first in their feed. 
Be Aware Of The Algorithm - The ideal post volume for LinkedIn is 2-5 times per week. LinkedIn's algorithm is created to provide users with a range of content, so posting more than once a day can be harmful to your business showing up on users LinkedIn feeds. 
Different Industries Prefer Different Times – Due to working hours, some industries differ with what times they’re most likely to be online, so make sure you research your target industry to discover the best time. B2B marketing posts are best during the workday, as this is when business owners will be likely to be online. B2C marketing posts are best after working hours, as this will be when many finish work and head onto social media in their spare time. 
Consider Time Zones – Which countries are you targeting? You need to make sure you’re targeting countries at the right time for them so that they can see your posts. If your time zone is vastly different, you can use scheduling tools to ensure posts are ging up when they’re required. 
LinkedIn can be a great platform for you to build your network and find new business from others. Practice some of these tips for posting and see how it increases your business’ engagement and reach on the platform. 
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