Running Facebook ads can be a minefield and it is essential that you get it right to ensure you don't burn the budget and waste your hard earned money. 
One of the first things you need to decide when launching a campaing is what objective you want to achieve from the advert. 
Without knowing your end goal you will find it difficult to create the right campaign to ensure your ideal customers talk the actions you wish them to take. 
All campaigns are broken down into 3 sections: 
Awareness - Top of the funnel ads to cold audiences 
Consideration - Middle of the funnel to warm audiences who are aware of who we are 
Conversion - Bottom of the funnel to hot leads to are ready to pay 
Inside each of the categories there are different objectives we can choose to get our clients to do the actions we choose 
Inside the awareness category we can have brand awareness or reach as our objectives. As mentioned before these are for top of the funnel cold audiences. In these types of ads we dont want to run a 'sales pitch' type advert. Instead concentrate on providing value to the audience so they get to know, like and trust you 
This is for warm audiences but can be used for top of the funnel clients if the price point is lower and they dont need o much trust in the buyer e.g. if you item falls into the 'impulse buy' area. In the consideration stage we can run the following ad types: 
Traffic - when the aim is to get visitors to your website, messenger or Whatsapp 
Engagement - When you want likes, comments, shares etc on your posts 
App Installs - Pretty self explanatory 
Video Views - When are aim to get potential clients to watch a video 
Message - When you want audience to send you a direct message (although this option isn't currently available for EU countries so use traffic to messenger instead) 
Lead generation - When your aim is to acquire email addresses in return for a free product or checklist etc 
Conversions - A straight sale. Only use this on a cold audience if your product is fairly low priced. Otherwise use it on a warm audience who already know about you or your product from another campaign objective and retarget them with a conversion campaign to get them to purchase your product or service. For example we could run a traffic campaign initially to our website using the traffic objective and then retarget website visitors with a second advert using the conversion objective 
In Conclusion 
Facebook ads provides us with a great opportunity to get our message out in front of our target audience and there is no better way to target these people than on Facebook. However, by not following the correct steps you can easy waste large budgets. Think how your ideal audience likes to interact and then target them using the correct objective. This way you can lead them through the funnel towards your end goal of selling products or acquiring leads for your business 
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