Consistency when marketing on social media is vital if you want to see growth, and turn your social media into a successful avenue for you to sell products and reach new customers. 
Without consistent posting, your audience can get confused as to why you’ve not posted, or could be overwhelmed by a volume of posts. But your consistency doesn’t just end at posting – it also includes your brand voice, the way you respond to people and your overall branding with things such as graphics and videos. 
Here are the reasons why consistency is important on social media.. 
Brand Recognition 
By staying consistent on social media, your brand will begin to be recognised. You’ll stay in the minds of your audience if you’re posting at the optimal times on the days that they’re most active, helping them to recognise you and remember your brand. 
Brand recognition is important, because you’ll want to be the brand people go to before competitors. Staying consistent with your online marketing will help you do this. 
Brand Voice 
Your Brand Voice must be consistent online – what do you want your brand to sound like? You wouldn’t speak to customers or potential customers as if you’re best friends, as you don’t know them, and over-familiarity can put them off. At the same time, cold, corporate interactions with customers during B2C marketing can make you seem hard to interact with. Whether your brand voice is professional or more relaxed, you need to make sure your tone is correct. 
When you respond to comments, keep the same voice as you use in your posts. This also helps with brand recognition, as your customers will know exactly who’s posted the content that they’re reading just by recognising your tone. 
You also need to make sure you’re consistent with your age category. Those in Gen Z and Millennials are more in tune with internet culture, and if you’re aiming to reach them with references to trends then you need to make sure you’re keeping up with what the latest trending topic is. This also applies if your audience is older generations – know what they’re currently interested in. Don’t sacrifice your brand values for interactions, but make your interaction a part of your brand value. If your brand is making valuable interactions, then you’ll be able to retain your customers. 
Graphics and Videos 
Your graphics and videos must be consistent and in the same style as your brand colours, and the fonts you use. If your logo is say green and white, but your brand graphics are blue and black, you won’t be easy to recognise as you’re branding won’t tie together. If you are to change your graphics, then you need to tell your audience so they can still recognise who you are. 
Consistency with videos means the same style of editing, and pop-up graphics with each one. How do you present yourself? If you’re professional in one video, yet jokey and friendly in another, people will wonder why your style is changing. When you’ve found a style that brings you the engagement and reach you desire – stick with it. Again, if you’re looking to change, let your audience know. Visual graphics are a huge part of social media marketing, as images can often be the first thing the audience sees – especially on sites like Instagram. Your visual content is important, so make sure it’s consistent. 
Post Consistency 
When are you posting? How much are you posting? What are you posting? 
You need to consider all these questions when setting yourself up on social media. Your analytics will be a great insight into finding the answers to these questions, as they’ll tell you when your audience is the most active, and what content they engage with most. If your customers are active the most on Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm, don’t post on a Wednesday and Friday at 5pm. If you struggle to post at these times, schedule your content in advance. Keeping a consistent posting schedule will help you to reach your customers when they’re scrolling through social media, and will help you to build your interactions and engagement. 
Finding your balance with posting is vital if you want to make your social media a big part of your strategy. At first, it may be a little more trial and error, as you won’t have the answers you need in terms of when to post and what to post. But when you do, modify your content to only be posted on the days that will bring you the most engagement. 
Consistency on social media is important if you’re wanting to build your brand into something successful. Keeping consistent will help you with recognition, trust and will help you to build your relationships. Start being consistent on social media and see what results it brings. 
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