Building your own Facebook Group around your business is a great way to boost your presence on the platform and really retain those loyal followers. 
Starting your Facebook Group means you need to find ways to help it grow into something that works successfully for your business – especially if social media marketing is a huge part of drawing in customers for your products and services. 
Facebook Groups offer you a wide range of opportunities to expand your network, offer exclusives to group members and build stronger relationships with your followers. 
Here’s how to build and grow a successful Facebook Group. 
Consider Why You Want Your Group 
What value will having a group bring to you? You need to know what the purpose of your group is. Is it to sell? To build strong relationships? Give exclusive content? You must know your niche when it comes to creating a group because this will help you when you market your group to your audience in order to get them join. 
When you have a clear idea of what you want your group to achieve, you can move forward with setting it up. Having the aims of group in mind will help with planning content to put into the group so it’s beneficial to the members who join. 
Is Your Group Open or Closed 
Your group settings are another thing you need to consider. Whether you want private and closed, or open for all to see and join, consider what’s best for your business. If you’re sharing exclusives, it’s probably best to have a closed group instead – offering this to people who can see the content without having to join will defeat the purpose. If you’re offering similar content, that’s just a little more detailed to your Facebook page posts, an open group may suffice – you can encourage those on your page to go over to your group if they want more info. The privacy settings of your group are down to you, and you know your goals best, so make sure you keep this in mind too when you’re making your group. 
Promote your group across platform, invite followers, and include it in an email. Promoting is the way to get people to request to join – if they don’t know about your group or can’t find it, then you won’t see growth. If you link them directly to where the group is, they’ll be in the right place to join and get involved with you in the group. You need to think about the best promotion plan for you there’s no harm in promoting on more than one platform as this can grow your Facebook group beyond just those followers you already have on your Facebook page. 
Consider Content 
Like with all social media, you need to consider the content that you are putting into your group. What have you promised to deliver? If you know what the purpose of the group is, then you’ll be able to go ahead and give them valuable content they signed up for. You need a content plan, as this will help you to start creating posts ahead of time and know what you’ll be putting out and on what days they’ll be posted. 
Engage Daily 
Daily engagement in the group can help build your relationships and encourage others to get involved. If people joining your group see that you’re speaking to members and keeping them in the loop, they’ll be more encouraged to leave comments and even promote your group for you via word-of-mouth to their friends. 
Your group can be a great way to get a loyal customer base, so it’s worth making sure you take some time to engage with the comments you’re receiving and keep up with anything new that your audience are saying. They can also help you with content too, and you can put questions to them so you know what they really want to see from you on wider platforms. Letting them have a little involvement is valuable for you both. 
Promote your Facebook group by using Facebook Ads. These ads can link directly to your Facebook Group, keeping people on the platform, and getting potential new customers instantly involved with you and your business. Your ads need to be creative and persuasive to encourage people to come over to the group and to request to join and start interacting with you. 
Check your group insights when you get going to ensure that what your doing is working. If not, take a look at the areas that are weak and make a plan to strengthen them so you can really make the most of running a Facebook Group. Your group insights will give you a whole host of information you can utilise in order to make your Facebook group successful, so check them regularly to ensure everything is working at its best for you. 
A Facebook group can be a great direction for your business if you’re looking to expand, reach out to your customers and create a successful and loyal customer base. Start your plans for your Facebook group today! 
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