When you create a Facebook group for your followers to join and interact in, you want to be able to use it as part of your marketing strategy. Facebook Groups will be a collection of some of your most loyal customers and some new ones who are interested in the content you’re sharing. 
There is no point in creating a Facebook Group for your business if you’re not planning on building relationships with the people that are in it – you need to make your clients feel valued and respected for the support they’re giving you. 
Here are some ways you can create relationships in Facebook groups, and why you need to maintain them. 
Offer Advice 
If you’re creating a group, people will join to hear more about your products/services and your industry knowledge. By offering advice and answering questions, you’ll be able to start a conversation whilst helping your potential client in the process. This will help the group member feel like you are aware of their questions, and that you care to take the time to answer them. This will potentially get them to be more active with engagement, asking questions about other products and overall will give them a positive opinion about yourself and your brand. 
Give Exclusives 
You can also create exclusive posts offering insights into your products and your industry, that your followers wouldn’t be able to receive if they just followed your page. These exclusives will help keep people around, especially if it offers value to them. 
You can let people know about potential new products and give teasers about them, to keep your group members engaged and interested in what you’re offering to them. Creating excitement around a product in your group before it's publicly launched will also help with your engagement on your Facebook page, as group members will be able to go over and interact with your announcement post. 
Call To Action 
Ask questions from your audience to get them responding, and then reply to their comments. This not only will help with boosting your post interactions, but it will also give the audience a reason to engage with you. Often, conversations on Facebook don’t just involve two people, especially in groups or on public posts. Getting responses from your audience and having a discussion with them will help keep them interacting not only with you but with other group members. 
Creating a community that you trust and that can trust each other, will be vital in keeping your group active, especially at times when you’re not online. Using call to actions is a great way to get fast engagement and create beneficial conversations with your audience. 
Share Content From Outside Your Business 
Sharing content with your audience that you think will help your group members with understanding your industry, and especially doing so if there’s been a recent discussion over a certain topic, will show your audience that you are seeing what they’re discussing, and that you care to help them out with any answers or information that they may require. This will also help if you tag certain members in the post, as it will show that you’ve thought of them. 
Building relationships in Facebook Groups will help you create a loyal client base and will give you a great audience for feedback and potential testimonials should you need them. Makings sure that you’re giving them a reason to interact with you and your products will be beneficial to not only them, but to you.  
Start interacting in your business’ Facebook group and discover the benefits. 
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