Facebook groups are extremely beneficial for many business owners. They have become a big marketing tool that businesses are starting to understand and use. Facebook groups allow you to create a community around your business, helping you to really interact with your core audience and provide tips and information you may not want to give on your public page. Facebook groups also provide a direct line of communication to your audience, they allow meaningful customer relationships and they are used to grow your community and engagement. 
With up to 1.4 billion people being members of groups across Facebook these are definitely something to invest in. So, if you’re trying to promote your business online, increase your traffic and reach, Facebook groups is the best place to do it. 
Here are some of the best ways to make the most of your Facebook groups; 
Provide Valuable Content 
Providing valuable content is a must! Valuable content helps build relationships and establishes you as an industry expert. If you continue to provide valuable content your audience will see you as a helpful marketer, rather than someone who is always trying to sell and talk about themselves, their product or their services. 
Start Discussions 
An important part of running a Facebook group is building a community and interacting with your members. Simple things such as; responding to comments and answering questions goes a long way. When group members see these interactions, they are more likely to post their own questions, which leads to even more interactions. 
Creating a Facebook group, gives you direct contact to your target audience, so you have the opportunity to ask for their opinions, get feedback and learn more about them and what they would like to see from your business. 
Don’t forget, interacting every day is key to keeping your Facebook group alive and growing! 
Use Videos and Livestreams 
Video content is extremely popular and effective, as users become hooked and engaged with the short and concise content. Research shows that video on Facebook gets 110% more engagement than any other type of content. 
Video has many other benefits for a business, such as; letting your followers see the people and processes behind the scenes - contributing to your brand’s transparency. Video content also builds trust and relationships with your audience and when a good customer relationship is built, you can count on them to spread a good word about your business. 
Livestreams are also very effective. Live video is seen as more engaging, since the audience get a better insight into your business and feel they are a part of it and can influence the content, rather than just passively watching. 
Promote The Group 
If you want to build a fast growing community you need to promote your Facebook group - there are several ways you can do this. To begin with, you can promote your group through other social media platforms such as; LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. By promoting your content on different social media platforms, you can reach a wider audience. 
Another way to promote your Facebook group would be through your existing customers. You can simply ask members of your group to share your content and invite new users. If they think your Facebook group has a lot of valuable content, they’ll want their connections to get this value as well. 
For effective results you can also use cross promotion. Cross promoting your group in other relatable groups is a great way to grow your Facebook group quickly. However, remember to be mindful of the different rules when self-promoting. 
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