If you run a business and have a presence on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ve seen or thought of ways that would be best to market your business on there. If, however, you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked out for you, it probably makes you believe that Facebook Marketing simply doesn’t work for your business, and that it’s pointless trying to use your own money to run ad campaigns, or post engaging content to attract clients. 
Whilst that idea is understandable, Facebook marketing is a viable option for all businesses looking to expand their presence on social media. It takes time, but once you’ve found a way to get results, you won’t look back. 
Many businesses have seen results from Facebook Marketing that they likely wouldn’t have received had they not decided to promote on social media.  
Facebook Ads are one of the main sources behind success on Facebook, and one that has been an extremely important element in many businesses’ marketing plans. 
The stats speak for themselves. Two thirds of Facebook users will visit a local business’ Facebook page at least once a week. Facebooks advertising audience reaches 2.14 billion. An average Facebook user will click on an around 12 adverts a month. Keeping these stats in mind, can your business afford to pass up the opportunity to promote to a large demographic? You can easily reach your target audience on Facebook and can even create a lookalike audience based on Ads you may be running on Google. This means you’ll be attracting a large pool of similar people that will be interested in your product and service, and therefore your sales or usage of your service will see an increase. 
Embracing the tools Facebook provide to your business need to be utilised to their full potential. For example, when creating an Ad you can target specific traits such as gender, location and even interests. This allows you to reach out to the audience you specifically want to advertise to and bring in more customers that are of a similar nature. Being able to pinpoint your business’ audience and advertise directly to them will see you get results quickly. 
Facebook marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Setting a budget that you want to pay to advertise your business will give you an average estimation of how many people you’re likely to reach. Paying too much and not seeing results will mean you’re wasting money that is vital to keep your business going but spending too little will see your business not reaching enough people for you to see any results at all. Finding a middle ground that you want to spend will help you discover a good amount of people your business will reach out to and will give you value for the money that you’re spending. 
Marketing on Facebook doesn’t just revolve around adverts, it concerns Facebook pages, Facebook lives, and groups too. 
Facebook pages are becoming something people check less frequently, but they’re still important. It’s the basis of your business on social media and will allow people to find you quickly should they see your advert. Your Facebook pages should be consistent, in line with your brand voice and should be interactive if you receive any comments. They should inform your audience of upcoming events or information about what your business does. When the audience know about your business, they’re more likely to trust your services and consider using them. 
Facebook Lives are a great engagement tool. They allow you to reach out to your audience in real time and talk about any questions or queries they have about you whilst you’re both present. They can get your personality across and show the audience the face behind the brand. Asking your audience beforehand what they’d like to see in your live content will increase your engagement and show your audience that you care about what they’d like to know about you and your industry. 
Facebook Groups have become a big marketing tool that businesses are starting to understand and use. Groups will allow you to create a community around your business, helping you really interact with your core audience and provide tips and information you may not want to give on your public page. Don’t name your page after your business, as people will confuse the two. If you’re offering advice and services behind this group, more people will want to know what they can discover. Promote your group on your page and encourage people to join. 
Facebook Marketing is an important step in getting your business promoted on social media. You can use all it’s features to your advantage and see your business begin to grow.  
Make Facebook a part of your marketing plan and start seeing results today. 
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