If you want to create a Facebook Ad for your business, then you must understand what works well and what doesn’t. As you must pay to advertise on Facebook, you don’t want to put an ad out there that returns no results, as this just means your wasting money that you could’ve instead invested into your business. You need to have a strategy though, as this will be important when it comes to creating Facebook Ads. 
You don’t need to be an expert in content creation or copy writing to create you Facebook ads, all you need is a couple of tips and some knowledge to get you started on your journey to creating successful Ads for Facebook that will give you the results you desire. 
Why use Facebook Ads? 
Facebook Ads are still the leading advertising platform on social media. They give you the opportunity for you to advertise your business directly to your target audience based on demographics such a s their location, gender, and age. This therefore means you may not necessarily have to change your content too much if it’s already doing well with your current audience, because you’re wanting to attract similar people. You have to keep in line with your branding and your brand voice, as this will help you to stay consistent across your social media pages and advertising. 
UK Facebook users spend an average of 23 minutes a day on Facebook, so you want your ad to capture them when they’re scrolling so that they click on it and decide to use your product and/or service. 
Here are some tips on how to create a great Facebook Ad that will be successful for your business and give you a platform to advertise online to your target audience. 
Take advantage of your insights 
Facebook offers you insights that will help you to work out exactly who is engaging with your content, and what posts of yours are doing well. This will help you work out who your Facebook audience is, and what they’re interested in. If your audience doesn’t seem to line up with who you want to target, then try and modify you content and your adverts to see if you can reach them. Look at companies who have a similar target audience and product to yours and use this as inspiration as to how to make your content attractive for your exact target group. 
Don’t Make It a Sales Pitch 
Of course, you’re advertising to sell your product or service. But do not make it a sales pitch. This can come across as pushy and off-putting. Your audience want to feel considered an understood and therefore anything that seems like you’re desperate to sell doesn’t work. 
Explaining your product is important. Will it help your audience, and if so, how will it help them? Your audience needs to understand your product or service, so tell them exactly what is that they are buying, so they can be assured that they will be getting some sort of benefit out of purchasing what you are advertising. 
Graphics Are Key 
Your graphics are important! Many people focus on writing copy, but they neglect the graphics, which are usually the thing catches the eye of the audience. Professional looking graphics that are in line with your branding will help you sell. Us images that are relevant to your business and colours that are inline with your branding. Don’t put too much text on the graphics, as people will be read about your product in the copy that you write. 
Researching what adverts are doing well in your industry will help you to create ones that will work for your business. Don’t copy but take notes on what you could do to create an advert that will perfectly advertise your business to your target audience and will convince them to sell. 
Knowing about you target audience is key, so make sure you’re keeping up with their current interests and the trends they’re interacting with so that they will be intrigued by your content and what you are selling. 
Facebook Ads will take time to perfect, but making sure your strategy is good, and your content works for the audience is the key to running a successful ad campaign. If you follow these tips, you’ll be seeing results. 
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