When you’re looking to use social media for marketing purposes, selecting the correct site can be challenging to work out. With so many users and different algorithms, how will you know which social media site will be the best suited to your business? 
LinkedIn and Facebook are both leaders in online marketing, but which one is best for you? 
LinkedIn is a professional network that is built for you to reach other people in your field and connect with other professionals. It’s a great way to advertise yourself professionally, and secure engagement from your core target audience. 
LinkedIn is a better platform if you’re a B2B business. It’s easy for you to reach other likeminded, key-decision makers and network with them, as this is the purpose of the platform. Having business-driven conversations on LinkedIn is easier as it is the main place for you to find other owners and directors that you’ll be able to make connections with and potentially do business with in future. Of course, LinkedIn also allows for more social conversations, but if you’re looking for networking opportunities, it is the prime platform to do so. 
If you want to drive conversation and get people engaged with your industry, LinkedIn is the best platform to do this on. Publishing thought leadership articles will help create these conversations with other industry leaders and your target audience and will help you position yourself as one of the leads in your sector. If you’re able to get people engaging with you on LinkedIn, you’re making steps to building a strong network of people who could become beneficial to your business’s growth. 
Joining groups on LinkedIn will help you discover new information or breakthroughs in your industry that will the help you in creating conversations and discussion with others. You’ll be able to interact within a circle of people in your position and industry. 
LinkedIn is the perfect platform if you’re looking to market in a more formal, business context. With access to networking tools and business owners across the world, you can give yourself a platform that becomes the prime place for you to advertise, interact and grow. 
Facebook is a more social platform and allows you to reach your target audience outside of a business context. It’s been a popular choice for business owners who want to have a successful social media venture for their businesses and allows them to reach out to the more general consumers. 
Facebook has a range of features that business owners can take advantage of. From Facebook live to Facebook groups, you can find the perfect element that works for your business and gives you a successful platform to reach your audience on. With Facebook Ads, you can even specifically target the audience you’ve mapped out as important to your success, so you know that they’ll be engaging with you and your product/service, driving sales and success. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with 2.8 billion active users (monthly), so you’re almost guaranteed to reach out to your target audience. 
Facebook Groups are becoming increasingly popular for businesses who want to give their main audience a better connection to them and their products. It provides businesses with the opportunity to interact and engage and offer certain information that they may not want to publicly put out. It doesn’t just benefit you, but it provides your audience with some value, and that will make them more driven to invest in what you’re offering. 
Facebook is good for businesses who want to explore the social side of social media. It’s built on informal interaction, and this can really help you when you’re interacting with your audience and making them feel as much of a part of your business as yourself. 
LinkedIn and Facebook both have their benefits, with LinkedIn being great for users wanting to expand their network and create strong business connections, whereas Facebook allows you to reach out to your target audience and drive more engagement and sales for your business. Select a platform and see how it can be beneficial to your businesses growth and success today. 
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