With organic reach dropping from business pages and companies beginning to panic about reaching customers we ask has Facebook damaged your business leads? Have your enquiries dropped and has it affected your use of the social network? 
Firstly, as a business you cannot afford not to be on Facebook. The statistics don’t lie. Facebook has 2 billion active users every month and 70% of customers hear about a new business first on the social network. 60% of people polled on Facebook said they would visit a FB business page before the business bricks and mortar location with 80% more likely to buy if you have a positive Facebook presence 
So what can you do in your business to make effective use of Facebook? 
1. Focus on opinions and emotions that will draw engagement - With more weight being placed on engagement, interaction and comments you need to stimulate your follower’s opinions 
2. Don’t use click-bait - Asking in the post for people to tag or like the post will result in a lower newsfeed rank meaning your post will show to less people 
3. Use video - If you’re not using video on your page yet then why not? Organic reach on video is 135% higher than photos. When using video make sure to add captions as 82% of users watch video with the sound turned off. Captioned videos can receive up to 367% increase in engagement. 
4. Facebook Live - Live video is by far the best way to engage with your audience. Facebook recently mentioned that live video has six times the number of interactions compared to its regular uploaded video 
5. Keep adverts targeted – One of the best things Facebook offers is the opportunity to target and hyper-target your audience meaning you can show your message to your ideal client. No other platform has the power Facebook has to really dig into your niche market and pull out the clients you really want to work with 
So the key is don’t panic. Make your posts relevant to your audience and keep your audience niche and you’ll still bring the clients you need to maintain and grow your business 
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