Over the years, Instagram has grown into being one of the most important platforms for businesses. But amongst so many competitors and influencers, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to grow your following. You have to stand out in the crowd, so following some of these tips will help you do exactly that. Whether you’re just starting out or are hitting a brick wall with your current page, you’ll be able to find the solution in this blog. 
Firstly, you need to view your insights. Which posts are doing the best? Which posts aren’t getting engagement? You can easily access your insights by clicking on your profile and looking at the ‘Insights’ section near ‘Edit Profile’. These insights will give you a good idea about how to plan your content to get consistent engagement from your followers.  
If you need engagement, ask your followers questions in your posts, or do specific posts to target an increase in engagement.  
When people do start to engage, interact with them!  
An audience likes to feel like their thoughts/opinions/answers have been considered, so liking their comment or replying to it will make them notice that you appreciate their response. When people see you’re interacting with the followers you already have, they’ll be more likely to follow you as they’ll recognise that you appreciate your followers. 
Using hashtags is also important if you want to reach a bigger and new audience of people. Utilise the maximum number of hashtags on Instagram, so you can have a broad range of hashtags that your posts will appear on. You can choose to put the hashtags in the main post, or in the comments – although putting hashtags in the comments makes the post look less like ‘spam’, it shouldn’t affect your reach. If you’re doing 30 hashtags split them into groups of 3. Use 10 hashtags that are generic, and have a big reach generally on Instagram, then do 10 that are specific, so that your content is definitely going to show up and appear in peoples feeds or hashtag searches, and then 10 that are in between both specific and generic to give you a general organic reach. Hashtags are a great way to give yourself free exposure to all your target audiences. 
Interact with people who would be your target audience. Go on their profiles and like a couple of their posts, post one or two comments and potentially even give them a follow. This will put you on their radar and they’re likely to check out your profile because of it. If they like what they see, they’ll be likely to follow. Even if they stop at looking at your profile, it’ll still boost your insights and profile views. You should do this for a few people you want to target, and revisit these people a couple of weeks or months if they don’t take any action. If they still don’t interact after this time, move on. You want to interact and get the same in return, so try it out and see how it goes for your business page. 
You can share directly from Instagram to Facebook for both stories and posts meaning your content will be posted across platforms at the same time. If you keep your hashtags in the comments on Instagram, you won’t have to go on Facebook and take them out. Unlike Instagram, lots of hashtags on Facebook do appear as spam so make sure you’re only keeping the relevant ones in the post if you do have to delete them. 
Instagram has introduced the ‘’Instagram Reels’ feature for short form videos. This is a rapidly growing service that is similar to TikTok, but allows you to aim your content towards your target audience. Reels have allowed businesses to grow as the content is only a couple of seconds long, so easy to consume. Similar videos will play one after another so there’s a high chance yours will appear as related content. Videos appeal to visual and auditory learners more than those who will read your posts, and will give you a chance to be creative and give the audience a personal connection to your business. Make sure they’re under 60 sends so they don’t fall under the IGTV category. You’ll also be able to see where people began to drop out of watching the video, so you’ll be able to modify the content to keep people engaged throughout the full reel. 
Instagram is a great platform for business to create visual content that is instantly appealing to multiple audiences, and growing your platform to one that is sustainable and successful for your business will help your engagement and your growth. Start creating strategies for your Instagram today and see the results for yourself. 
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