Hashtags have been a big part of social media for many years. They’ve become a place where likeminded people can discuss topics that all engaged with whether it be an event, tv show, product or really anything that people feel is worth putting into the hashtag category. 
Instagram hashtags have become increasingly popular and are now an essential part of many businesses marketing strategy on social media. But why are they so important? How can your business use them? This blog will tell you all you need to know about hashtags and why they should become a part of your social media strategy.  
Why are they important? 
Hashtags are important because they help to label your content and have it appeared under that certain tag. This lets you expand your audience and your reach, as people who follow that hashtag or search for it will be likely to see your post. Hashtags therefore give you an opportunity to market without really having to take much action yourself, as your post will automatically appear under a hashtag when one is written in the description or in the comments. It helps your target audience find you and helps them become familiar with your content. 
Over 95 million posts are put on Instagram each day, so using hashtags on your posts will help you showcase your content to the correct audience, instead of having it get lost within a stream of other businesses and Instagram users posts. 
How to use them 
When you create a post, before you even think of a hashtag, you must consider how your content will look. If you don’t have images or videos that will be eye catching, your posts will get lost even if you’re using the right hashtags. This is a problem as it won’t be adding any value or results to your social media marketing campaign. You want people to be able to recognise your brand in these hashtags, so be consistent and stay with your brand colours and brand voice and you’ll be able to effectively use hashtags to market your business on Instagram. 
Look at what hashtags your competitors are using and what ones are the most relevant to your industry. What key words are you using? You can implement these in your hashtags. This will help you get a clear idea of what you should be doing with yours and how you should be using them in your post for the maximum reach and engagement. 
When it comes to adding hashtags to your posts, you can either put them in the post or in the comments. There isn’t a big difference in doing this as you’ll still show up in the relevant hashtag categories if you put them in the comments and if you don’t want your post to come across as spam, then the comments are a good place to put some of the less relevant hashtags that are tied to your posts. 
When you put your hashtags into your posts, split them into categories. You can put up to 30 in your posts, and 10 on your stories. When you’re putting them in a post, split them into 10s. Do 10 popular hashtags – so if your company specialises in something like social media management, a hashtag along the lines of #socialmedia #management and #socialmediamanagement are all popular hashtags that you can use. Then do 10 that are neutral – therefore they’re not popular, but they’re not specific. These hashtags can reference something your company specialises in, a service you offer or a product that you’re selling. Then finally add 10 specific ones. These really get to the core of your business. Even tagging your businesses name is a good way to build up posts under that category. 
When similar posts under the same hashtags are interacted with, Instagram will often suggest posts or accounts to the user. So making sure you use all these tips and information will see your content grow in regards to engagement and reach, and therefore you will begin to be suggested to a wider audience. 
Hashtags are something that you should be using as part of your social media strategy if you want to make your Instagram account a big part of your social media marketing. So, get using these hashtags today and you’ll start to build a sustainable online platform for your business. 
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