Over April, there have been updates in the world of social media that will be important for you to make note of, to aid your business' digital marketing. 
Here’s all of the news from this month. 
TikTok Photo’s App Launched 
Last month you may remember the announcement that a potential Photo’s version of TikTok was in the works. 
Well, the app has now officially launched in Canada and Australia – titled ‘TikTok notes’, it allows users to share images just as they can already on TikTok or Instagram, giving other users a peek into their lives. 
TikTok explained the app, saying: “We hope that the TikTok community will use TikTok Notes to continue sharing their moments through photo posts. Whether documenting adventures, expressing creativity, or simply sharing snapshots of one’s day, the TikTok Notes experience is designed for those who would like to share and engage through photo content.” 
More Threads Updates 
Threads officially hit 150 million active users this month, and Meta has been rolling out ways to get users further engaged with the platform. 
Firstly, they’re testing a new programme in hopes of encouraging users to continue using and contributing to the app. Business Insider has explained this programme, saying Meta’s plans are that “Eligible creators can earn money from Threads content based on the “performance” of posts or the “number of posts” shared to the app. Threads posts with “less than 2,500 eligible views” are not eligible for payouts". 
Instagram has stated this is currently an invite-only basis, and may vary by participant as they continuing testing and trialling this bonus programme. 
DM’s are now set to be introduced – but not via the Threads App. Users will be able to message users by clicking the ‘message’ button on their profiles, but instead of being sent to a dedicated mailbox instead, the message will be redirected into a user’s Instagram inbox instead. Whilst this may be helpful for active users, the absence of it’s very own section for DM’s will ultimately drive traction away from the app and to another Meta service, but it still is a huge development off the back of Instagram boss Adam Mosseri’s comments in November, where the ability to use threads for direct messages in any capacity seemed completely off the cards. 
X Goes Minimalist 
X / Twitter has always shown the amount of likes, retweets and replies a post has, making it clear what a posts engagement is on profiles and timelines. 
Well, say goodbye to this – as X is planning to make designs more simplified and minimalist, again. 
These buttons will all be removed, with users now having to swipe on posts. Swipe left is like, swipe right is reply, and tapping and holding is for all other options, which owner Elon Musk has said will make the feed ‘very clean’. 
This isn’t the first time X has made a drastic change, with the removal of article headlines at the end of 2023. They did however reverse this decision not too long after, and whilst articles don’t exactly appear as they did before the app went under Musk’s control, headlines are now displayed once again. 
They’ve also launched a old verification bade for brands who have signed up to X Premium – advertisers who sign up for the $2000 a year Basic Verified Organizations package will have $2,000 in X ad credits added to their account. The £10,000 Full Access offering, at $10k per year, will give you $10k in ad credits. 
Connected TV and Live Events Ads Now On LinkedIn 
LinkedIn has entered a partnership with a range of video providers, enabling marketers video campaigns to be displayed on their audience’s home TV sets – explained by LinkedIn: “Right within Campaign Manager, you can easily launch a LinkedIn CTV campaign and scale it across our network of publishers, including Paramount, Roku and Samsung Ads.“ 
Live events promotions will add extra support and promotion to live events broadcasts, after seeing a 34% growth in professionals viewing events on the platform in 2023. This initiative has been added in wake of the growing boom of video marketing and consumption on social media and to make reach and engagement better for those choosing to use live features on LinkedIn. 
These two things have been rolled out in the US and Canada so far, so keep an eye out for when they begin to pop up across the world. 
That all for April! Have a wonderful May and remember to look out for more news and updates over the next month. 
Finally, your social media tip is: As a business owner, your first instinct is probably to post a link that leads to your products, services or website 
After all, your goal is to run a business successfully and in order to do that, you have to be able to direct potential customers to where you need them to go 
The only problem with this is that many businesses post links and go on with their day. Meanwhile, they are providing little to no engagement with potential customers. 
It's important for businesses to actually take the time to respond to those individuals who are engaging with them and inquiring about their business 
This lets your audience know that you care about their opinions and want to keep an open line of communication with them. 
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