As Easter 2024 approaches, it means we’re coming to the end of another month. As we enter Spring, there’s been more updates to social media that marketers should take note of as they progress with their digital marketing campaigns. 
Here’s all the updates from March… 
Potential ‘TikTok Photo’s’ App 
TikTok has become one of the biggest social media apps in the last few years, and has been the main competitor for Meta platforms and YouTube as short-form content grew in popularity thanks to the app’s setup. Now, TikTok is reportedly looking to directly compete further with Instagram with a rumoured photo’s app said to be in development. TikTok already allows users to upload images, with many choosing the carousel option to tell stories, and TikTok is said to be hoping to move this style of posts over to the new TikTok Photo’s app in order to bring in new audiences. 
Despite this all being exciting for developers and people looking for alternatives to Instagram, TikTok is once again facing a potential ban in the United States – which would remove a huge chunk of their audience should the ban go through, potentially affecting the Photo's app before it's even confirmed or released. 
Social Media Posts added To Google Business Listings 
Google gave businesses the option to include links to their social media in October, and now businesses will be able to show recent posts from their linked social platforms in their listings on search. These post previews are automatically populated in listings, and Google has said they may also automatically add links to social media on business profiles. 
LinkedIn Updates 
Collaborative Articles have started growing in popularity on LinkedIn, with its AI Generated prompts inviting millions of users from all sectors to add their expertise and thoughts. The more contributions you make, the more LinkedIn will recognise your efforts to add to the conversation and will give these users a ‘Community Top Voice’ badge in their skills. 
Over 10 million contributions have been made in the last year to collaborative articles, so it’s no wonder why LinkedIn are focusing on updating this area of the platform, adding in the ability to label responses to prompts ‘unhelpful’ if they’re off-topic or irrelevant, refining prompts to get more specific answers and changing algorithms so the right experts will be asked the most relevant prompts. 
This isn’t the only update LinkedIn are making, withthe previously released page messaging now being rolled out to all businesses on the platform. 
Instagram Tests Options For Engagement 
Instagram are testing new engagement options by allowing users to comment on specific frames of photos or videos within Carousel posts. 
To do this, users would have to comment ‘@8’ if they wanted to comment on the 8th image within a post for example, with the comment displayed alongside a thumbnail of the chosen picture. Instagram hopes this will increase engagement, encourage conversations and avoid confusion for users who may currently comment about specific carousel images without noting exactly what they’re talking about. 
Ads With Promo Codes Introduced To Instagram 
Instagram has introduced ‘Ads with Promo Codes’ to businesses on the platform. Promo codes will appear in the caption, and will help to act as an incentive to drive conversions via the app and encourage more and more users to advertise on Instagram. 
That’s all for March! Remember to keep an eye out for further updates over April and take note of anything new that arises for your digital marketing campaigns! 
Finally, your social media tip this month is: Your potential clients and customers are not on social media to buy 
Google has a massive intent to buy. If I want a product or service I go to Google to search for it. Your job on social media is to build brand awareness and make the customer aware they have a problem that you can provide a solution for 
Roughly 3% of people have an intent to buy something at any given time. The other 97% are made up of people who are either aware they have a problem but don’t know how to solve it or they are unaware they have a problem at all. 
The job of your social media is to work on the 97% of people. Help them build an awareness of a problem they may have and then provide the solution later down the line when its time they decide to solve the problem 
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