As we head towards the end of 2023, there’s been some updates to social media platforms over November that could be helpful to make note of, especially as you approach reviewing or creating your digital marketing strategy for 2024. 
Here’s all the updates from November! 
Link Previews Returning To X 
It was just last month that Elon Musk decided to remove link previews from articles when posted to X, meaning the article image was the only thing displayed to users, meaning they’d have to click the image to find the article, and marketers would have to try and cram enough information into their copy in order to let their audiences know what they were sharing. Now, Musk is said to have done a U-Turn, with the article titles returning to the display of links when they’re posted on X. 
In-Stream Chatbot Tested on YouTube 
YouTube is testing a new AI chatbot tool, which will allow users to ask questions about videos that they’re watching. Called ‘Ask’, users can click this option and be met with a range of suggested questions which you can use to find out more about the video or channel, but users will also have the option to ask their own questions too, allowing them to discover related and relevant content and expand their discovery behaviours. 
Shorts Discovery Option Added 
On the topic of YouTube and discovery behaviours, a new prompt has been added to the home feed on YouTube. Users will be presented with a box, which has a prompt to ‘play something’ – which will then use information about your account such as watch history and subscriptions to find you shorts that align with your own interests – in short, it’s YouTube's way of creating something similar to TikToks ‘For You’ page. 
New Creation Tools Launched For Reels & Stories on Instagram 
More features have been added to boost the usage of reels and stories as we head into the festive season, including filters, updated audio and improvements to analytics. 
Firstly, text-to-speech has been added, which has already proved to be a popular trend over on TikTok over the course of 2022 and 2023. 
Clips with audio can now be added to reels, allowing users to get more creative with their Reel creation and add in more trending content that may not be directly accessibly through Instagram itself. 
Drafts will also be easier to edit, as described by Meta: “We’re making it easier to edit your in-progress reels by giving you a streamlined view of all your saved drafts. Not sure which draft you were editing? Soon you’ll be able to preview your drafts, rename them, and schedule them in advance.” 
A/B testing has also been added to Reels, with users being able to create 4 different versions of their reels and test them with 4 different subsections of their audience. The winner will be determined after 30 minutes of this reel being uploaded, with the top performer being shown to users outside of the subsection you initially created. 
More News For Threads Users 
Threads has also updated some of it’s features, giving users the opportunity to finally delete their profile without affecting their Instagram one too. With both accounts being linked, initially to delete your threads profile you’d have to delete your Instagram one. 
However, if you were looking to use DM’s on threads then you’ll have to wait a little longer – it has been confirmed by Instagram and Threads boss Adam Mosseri that DM’s are currently not in consideration to be added to Threads. 
That’s all for November! Remember to keep an eye out over December for even more updates that could be relevant to use as we head towards the New Year! 
Finally, your social media tip is: Every time someone logs onto their social media feed, they're bombarded with a whirlwind of content. 
Posts, videos, stories, ads - it's an avalanche of information. 
Your job? Stand out in that sea of endless updates. 
Here's why this is crucial: 
It's the split-second pause that can make all the difference. When you stop the scroll, you capture attention. That's when engagement starts. 
But how do you achieve this? 
With eye-catching visuals, compelling headlines, and content that resonates. Dive deep into your audience's needs, interests, and pain points. 
You don't want to be just another post they mindlessly swipe past. You want to be the pause, the moment of interest, the content that's memorable. 
Achieve that, and you're not just gaining a viewer; you're igniting a potential relationship. 
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