Its crucial to stay ahead of your competition by researching the future social media marketing trends and implementing them in your marketing strategy. Businesses will miss out if they are still using outdated or ineffective strategies to reach their audience. This blog will give you 5 social media marketing trends for 2022, to prepare your business for the upcoming challenges and stay ahead of your competition. 
Live Content 
Lives, reels, and podcasts are becoming increasingly popular due to the covid-19 pandemic and will continue to be popular in 2022. Research shows that consumers spend three times longer watching live video than they do watching pre-recorded video. 
Live video is more engaging, as the audience get behind-the-scene insights into your business and feel they’re a part of it and can influence the content, rather than just passively watching.  
Short Content 
As we move into 2022, we expect short-form video content to be the main focus for many businesses. There is value and educational content in longer videos, however most users have a short attention span so want something short and digestible. So, if you’re hoping to capture the attention of your target audience and grow your brand, short-form content is the way to go in 2022. 
Studies also show that more than 31% of global marketers currently invest in short-form video content, 46% of them consider the strategy effective when it comes to performance and engagement. In addition, next year 89% of global marketers plan to continue investing in it or increase their investment. 
Micro-influencer Marketing 
Influencer marketing has dominated social media platforms for a considerable amount of time. However, micro-influencers now offer businesses so much potential and can save them a lot of money. 
Micro-influencers are users on social media who have a smaller number of followers (typically, thousands to tens of thousands of followers). Although they have fewer followers, their posts often get a higher level of engagement. These influencers have found a specific niche in their industry, which is why they've started to play a bigger role in converting leads, connecting with audiences, and boosting brand awareness. As micro-influencers are still considered “everyday” people their audiences are actually more likely to trust their opinions and recommendations when promoting a product or service. 
It is predicted that in 2022 more and more micro influencers will get noticed with agencies helping them connect with popular brands and customers. 
Over the last year the search demand for TikTok has grown by 173% and will continue to grow as we move into 2022. TikTok is based on a highly personalised content that helps brands gain exposure and connect with the right audience since TikTok has built up a vast user base. 
67% of marketers intend on increasing their TikTok investment in 2022 and 10% of marketers who employ some sort of social media into their overall marketing strategy intend on investing the most in TikTok throughout 2022. 
TikTok now has 1 billion global users and caters to a large array of audiences. TikTok have recently launched a number of advertising and marketing features, one being Ads Manager. TikTok Ads Manager is designed to enable businesses of all sizes to get started on the platform. Ads manager also allows you to reach your customers with target lookalike and custom audiences, by installing a pixel on your site and track your performance with a real-time data dashboard. 
Social Selling 
Due to the covid-19 pandemic social media platforms became an increasingly popular shopping market, providing another way for retailers to connect with their audiences. 
In 2022 you can expect to see Facebook expand their in-stream shopping even further with more shoppable posts, a streamlined payment processes and introduce selling via live video. 
By connecting your online shop with your social media accounts, you can turn your business profile into a focal point for promoting your brand and selling your products or services. Letting the user’s checkout in the same app makes sense, as it removes the need to visit a website to shop, keeping consumers immersed in your brand for longer. 
On the whole, 2022 looks like the year for online shopping within social platforms to become the heart of a consumer’s shopping experience, as it is on the path to increase to more than 100 million shoppers before 2023. 
Now is the time to start planning your 2022 marketing strategy if you haven’t already. Make sure you start the New Year with a clear plan of your goals and how you’re going to achieve them. 
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