When promoting your business, you want to get in front of as many people as possible. With over 2.85 billion active users worldwide Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. Facebook has gained a significant amount of popularity to become the most widely used online platform for advertising and marketing. 
When used effectively Facebook advertising offers huge benefits to fit your unique needs. With various types of Facebook ads and multiple ad objectives to choose from, the flexibility of Facebook advertising for your business is diverse which helps in offering massive advantages to your business in becoming a highly successful. 
Advertising on Facebook allows you to reach audiences based on different demographic and psychographics, such as; location, age, gender, interests, income, job title, upcoming life events, and many more factors to narrow down your target customer for your business that is quite important for designing your advertisement campaign. 
There are numerous benefits of Facebook advertising for your business ranging from; acquiring new customers, building better brand awareness and loyalty for boosting your business performance. Keep reading as we will dive into the top 15 benefits of advertising on Facebook: 
You can get specific when it comes to who you reach. 
Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising. Facebook advertising is budget-friendly (set your own budget) 
Facebook advertising increases brand awareness. 
Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, and leads. 
Facebook advertising is real-time. 
Your competitors are using Facebook advertising. 
Facebook ads allow you to remarket to people who have already interacted with you. 
You can add a custom call-to-action button. 
Facebook advertising increases website traffic. 
Facebook advertising is fast. 
With proper targeting, you can get clicks and conversions for cheap. 
They can boost your SEO efforts. 
Facebook advertising can lower your cost per click. 
Facebook advertising can help you build your email list. 
Facebook advertising can grow your blog traffic. 
Many small scale businesses do not have the extra money or time to spend on their advertising. That is why Facebook ads are recommended as they are cost effective for all sorts of industries. 
The returns on Facebook advertisements are visibly effective as you will notice an increase in your likes, follows or messages, whatever it was that you were aiming for through these ads. 
If you think that Facebook advertising could be the best digital marketing option for you, then you must give it a shot. Choosing Facebook advertising for your business can result in higher revenues for the higher growth of your business. If you believe in the benefits of Facebook advertising, then start investing in a professional Facebook advertising campaign today. The investment you make on these advertising campaigns will help you reach out a larger client base! 
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