Finding the best time to post on Facebook can massively help your business stand out, reach more of your audience and benefit your social media content strategy. 
Knowing the best times can be a challenge, so we are here to help. In this blog, we will share exactly how you can find the best time to post content on your Facebook Page for maximum reach, exposure, and engagement. 
The best time to post depends on a number of factors that are specific to every business: What is your industry? In what location is your audience based? When are they most active online? 
Facebook Insights 
One way you can find the best time to post on Facebook to your social audience is to use your Facebook Insights. You can gain access to your insights by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of your page. This gives you a breakdown of when your followers are online, both by day and time. Look for any spikes in the data, indicating the times when your Facebook audience is most active. 
Facebook Insights also shows you data about your most successful posts, further down the same page as your audience data. Take note of the posts that show the most engagement, as you will be able to see when they were posted. You could consider posting more often at the same times. 
Know Your Competition 
Knowing when your competition post their content will help you understand specifically what your competitive advantages are and learn tactics worth matching, or just spot some drawbacks to avoid. Research has shown that publishing on the hour isn’t effective for your posts, since that is when a lot of brands post their content. Instead, it has been revealed that posting on the :15 or :45 mark is more effective as it gives your content a little breathing room. 
Post In Your Audience’s Time Zone 
Depending where your audience is located will depend on the time you should post your content. Using a scheduling tool for this content, will help to ensure you are posting at the right time, following their time zone. 
Test And Optimise 
It is always worth testing systematic A/B tests. This type of testing is where you post the same content at different times in order to see which time earns the best results. 
Monitor For Changes 
Social media is always changing, and so are the people who use it. Therefore, habits have shifted from checking feeds during lunch to checking between zoom meetings. If your audience is changing, your strategy might need to change too. 
To conclude, there is no specific best time to post on social media. Your brand’s optimal time is as unique as your audience, and different for every channel. So, learn your audience, where they are located and when they are most active online and you will post at the most effective times to receive the maximum reach, exposure, and engagement. 
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