If you run Facebook Ads, there is a possibility that you could run into the trouble of having your account disabled. This can be a problem if you’ve invested in your Facebook Ads and they’re bringing you results. 
What are the potential reasons behind your account being disabled? 
Facebook has a strict policy when it comes to advertising on their platform, and one that you must familiarise yourself with when you’re creating your Facebook Ads account. The potential reasons behind your account being disabled could be... 
Promoting unacceptable business practices – this could be adverts that scam people out of money or personal information, misleading sensational language that overpromises the results of your product, and ads that use profanity, bad grammar, or punctuation. 
Misleading Claims – any content whether its in the ad or on the landing page that is false or misleading, or gives unrealistic promises of results e.g., curing illnesses or specifying time frames. 
Non-functional landing pages – URLs that are under construction or lead to error pages, and ones that don’t describe the content you’ve put in your ad. 
Adult content – Any content deemed to be explicit or suggestive in both your description and your graphics. 
Repeated violations – If you’ve tried to run adds that don’t comply with policies multiple times, Facebook can disable your account. 
You need to check you adds for all these factors, as they could have caused your account to be disabled. 
What Can I Do If My Account Has Been Disabled By Mistake? 
You can contact a Facebook Chat support agent to find out what the issue is and if they can reinstate your account. Even if they say no the first time, you can keep trying. Requesting your ad is reviewed will also potentially help to get your account reinstated if the content doesn’t flag any issues with the policy. 
When you contact Facebook don’t just go straight in with telling them that your ad doesn’t violate their policies. Thank Facebook for looking at your review request and summarise the issue. Tell them why its important that your account gets re-instated, and mention what policy you think Facebook has mistakenly assumed that your advert violated. Tell them what your plans are in fixing the issue with your ad so that you don’t run into this problem again. If Facebook don’t get back to you, re-send your review request around 3 days later. 
What If Facebook Won’t Reinstate My Account? 
If Facebook won’t reinstate your account, then you’re going to have to create a new one. 
If you’re a business owner, then it’s important that you create your ads through Business Manager. This means you won’t have to worry about your personal ad account getting disabled. 
If your personal ad account is disabled, you’ll have to ask a person you trust to set you up a new business manager account and a new business page that you have full access to, so that you can continue to run ads on Facebook. In some circumstances, you may have to change the URL or landing page as Facebook could’ve flagged this as the problem with your original advert. 
If your business manager ad account is disabled, then these steps won’t apply to you. Just create a new ad account within the ad manager, a new business page and payment method. In some cases, you won’t even be required to make a new page for your business. 
If you’re running ads through Business Manager, then it will be easier for you to setup a new account for your ads if the one you’re using gets disabled by Facebook. 
How To Avoid Getting Your Account Disabled? 
Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you’re not violating Facebooks policy 
Test your ads before running multiple, so you know what will work and what won’t be accepted 
Know the advertising policies on Facebook 
Monitor your comments, so that you can address any negative feedback quickly and professionally 
Completely check your graphics, ad copy, and your landing page before putting it out there on Facebook, so that you can be sure you’re in line with their policies. 
Having you account be disabled can be frustrating and at times confusing. However remaining patient with Facebook in your journey to getting your account reinstated will help on your journey to getting you ads back onto Facebook. 
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