It’s not uncommon to see the ‘Rejected’ message appear next to your Facebook Ad. Usually, this means that you must edit something within your ad or change the target audience selections. 
Keep reading as we’ll guide you through the top reasons why your Facebook Ads get rejected. In addition, we’ll cover why ads don’t get approved and what you should do if they get rejected. 
Facebook has an extensive list of restricted content in its policies. For instance; ads that use Facebook brand assets, ads with poor positioning, like inaccurate product descriptions or irrelevant images etc. Restricted content is allowed but must follow certain rules and is often based on your location. Whereas, prohibited content for example; drug-related ads, misinformation, or sensational content is never allowed on Facebook. If your ad breaks any of the rules, it runs the risk of being rejected or severely under-served. 
Here are some of the top reasons why your Facebook ad might get rejected: 
• The ad image has too much text 
• The imagery chosen doesn’t correspond with the offer you’re advertising 
• Not following the copyright rules 
• Improper grammar, using ALL CAPS, or substituting numbers 4 letters 
• Ad copy that targets an individual 
• Ad copy that makes unrealistic claims 
• If the display URL doesn’t go to the same website as the link your ad brings people to upon click, Facebook may reject the ad. 
• Showing Age-Restricted Material to an Audience That’s Too Young 
• Using violent or scary images 
Occasionally, ads get rejected when they should actually be approved, if an ad is incorrectly rejected it’s fairly simple to resolve. The first step in handling a rejected ad is to look for obvious reasons why it may have been disapproved and make sure that it is a mistake and your ad is actually meeting the requirements. 
The next stage is to Request a Review, this can be done by going to the ad level of your campaign, clicking Edit, and then click on the Request Review button. You will then need to tell Facebook the reason why your ad was disapproved and why you believe the ad complies with Facebook’s policies and terms. 
Once you’ve contacted Facebook, you can check on the progress of your request in your support inbox. The easiest way to get to this inbox is to go to The aim is to see the “In Review” message change to an “Approved” or “Active” message. 
If your ad remains rejected, Facebook will send an email notification and link you to Account Quality, where you can find the reason for the rejection. To request another review you need to go to Account Quality, select your account or catalogue with the rejected ads, select ad(s), ad sets, or campaigns that you believe were incorrectly rejected, click Request review and finally select Submit. If you fail the second review, the ad typically gets sent to the Unchanged bin, where it can’t be edited. In that case, you must start a new ad altogether. 
Additionally, it is important to monitor the Account Quality page because, if you have too many problems on your ad account you could get banned from posting. They may also remove your Facebook account completely. 
Next time you create a Facebook ad you'll be able to refer to this blog and ultimately lower the odds of your ad being rejected. Also, remember to always keep a close eye on the Facebook ad policies as they change as often as a few times per week, so it’s not something you can check once and never look at again. 
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