Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform. Where users can take, edit, and publish visual content for your followers to interact with thorough likes, comments, and shares. Along with many other features, that will be discussed throughout this blog. 
With the right marketing strategy, businesses can promote products and services, boost their brand, and increase sales on Instagram, as Instagram keep rolling out new tools to help business owners succeed on the photo-sharing social media platform. 
Instagram is continuously rising in importance as more and more people are using it as a marketing platform. According to Instagram, their social media presence currently brings over 1 billion active users. Of those millions of people, over 500 million are on the platform on a daily basis. Instagram is a  
great platform for B2B marketers. It provides a space for making new connections in almost any industry, at almost any stage in their development. With more than 500 million daily active users, it's effortless to connect with your current and potential customers. 
Instagram’s range of features has grown as you can now share your photo or video post to a temporary story that lives on your profile for 24 hours. Reels, which are short 15-30 second videos, letting you create an engaging and fun video for your followers. IGTV is a long form immersive video that isn’t limited to one minute. Instagram even offer a shop directly section from e-commerce brands through the app. This shopping feature allows you to find updates on your favorite brands and products all in one place. 
Instagram stories are a great way of showing your audience the real you, as you can post live content about your daily life, behind the scenes, Q&A sessions and interactions with employees. This type of content is an excellent way to build relationships, trust and credibility with your followers. As well as giving them an insight into your company and the people who work there, since they get to see the people in action. If consumers see you as more than an entity looking to take their money, then they may be more trusting of your brand. 
Hashtags are a great way to increase the visibility on your posts. Hashtags are essentially a way to tell your audience what your content is about. A great way to find the most effective hashtags is by seeing what your competitors use and what relevant hashtags are the most popular. Using too many hashtags often looks unnatural to followers, so adding around 20 hashtags is most beneficial. 10 popular hashtags and 10 small specific hashtags to your business. An effective use of hashtags can do wonders to separate your business from the crowd. 
Your company can use Instagram to keep an eye on your competitors and see how they interact with their followers. Watch carefully to find out how often they post, what they are posting and how they engage with their followers. You can use the information to build up a clear idea of what you should be posting to get the best engagement and what the best times are to post. 
With Instagram ads, you can reach new customers and extend your reach with customisable, trackable advertisements. You can target specific demographics, link to your website and collect valuable user data that can help inform your other social media marketing campaigns. 
Instagram insights can provide you with specific information about your followers and your posts. Your insights should be reviewed on a weekly basis, as it allows you to see the change in the last 7 days. 
Looking at the progress of your posts can be very beneficial for your business as you can see what posts are doing well and which ones aren’t. Which you can use to improve your future content, as you will now know what your customers prefer and what type of content they engage with. Whether that’s images, videos, questions or stories etc. Insights also let you to make improvement and re-structure your marketing strategy to increase the number of impressions and reach you get on your posts. Additionally, insights also show you the number of profile views you are getting and how many users have clicked on your call-to-action button. 
Once you have reached 100 followers your insights will provide information on your audience’s demographic which includes their age and gender, their location and when they're usually on the app. 
Take the tips you learned here and use them to start building your Instagram presence. 
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