If you own a business, it’s often expected that you have at least one form of social media. Whether it’s on a site specifically tailored to the more professional side of things such as LinkedIn, or one that is used mainly for interaction, connection and personal updates like Facebook, your business should have an online presence. However many business owners start their social media pages and see no immediate response, or find that they don’t have the time to run their page along with their business, which makes them believe that social media doesn’t work for them. However, it can and will work if you do it right, and one of the best options available to you is outsourcing. 
Outsourcing is the process of handing your businesses social media accounts to a company that is trained with the expertise to successfully manage each of your pages. Following tips from online ‘gurus’ and using companies that haven’t proven that they themselves know how they can help you is not likely to give you success. Instead go for a company who has tried and tested different methods themselves and found the solution to increasing engagement and growth and social media, so they can help you make positive progress online. 
So why should you consider outsourcing?  
Well firstly, it gives you more flexibility by giving you the time to focus on different aspects of your business, and work on the elements that need the most attention. You can get out in front of and speak to clients whilst someone else is producing your content on social media. Letting someone else run your social media will mean your page will be growing and attracting more clients whilst you’re working on building your business into a successful enterprise. 
You can give your business a social media presence across platforms without having to run it yourself or hire a new employee to do it for you. Brand awareness will grow if you have a dedicated team of people running your pages for you, as your posts will be consistent and inviting interaction from the audience. The more interaction you get, the more likely the algorithms on social media will begin to organically promote your page and boost it in the rankings, meaning you won’t have to spend any more money on trying to get your page to rank highly or do well – you can then use this money to invest in your business. 
Social media will introduce your business to new audiences you may not have reached or considered had you stayed offline. If you also choose to have your Facebook Ads outsourced, you can micro-target groups of people so you’re specifically reaching the ones you want to market your business towards, and see them become an engaged and active customer for your company. Visibility is key if you want your business to be successful, and if you don’t have the time yourself to spend on making the social media side an integral part of your company, you’re not going to see these new audiences come and use your services. Outsourcing your page in this way means someone else can take care of promoting you and targeting the right people whilst you work on modifying your services and content even more towards your target audience. 
If you choose to outsource with a company like Chris London Online, you can be assured that your social media will be expertly managed using methods that have been proven to work. You will be able to choose what content you want posting, how many times you’d like it to be posted, and if you’d require any graphics to be created. You know your business better than anyone, so you’re the best person to dictate the company you’ve chosen to outsource with on what you’d like your social media presence to look like. 
Your content needs to display your knowledge and expertise, so choosing a company who is guaranteed to get to know how your business works and how your brand voice sounds will create a smooth transition from you running it yourself to a company outside of your organisation. Keeping your tone and message consistent online is important, as people will begin to recognise your posts just based off how they’re worded. If you stick to your brand message, it’ll show your integrity as a company. 
Having your social media pages be managed with care and attention to all of your requirements will allow you to have peace of mind that your pages aren’t being neglected or misused whilst in the care of the company you have chosen to outsource with. You can go about with the vital tasks that need doing whilst knowing your social media is up and running in the background with posts that stick exactly to how the business wants to be marketed and presented to the audience. 
Outsourcing is a great option if your looking to grow online but don’t have the time or knowledge to do so. You’ll be able to reach into a new market that you may not have considered before. Outsourcing your social media pages has been proven to give you more growth, reach, engagement, leads and sales. Can you afford to risk struggling to juggle all your businesses accounts, paperwork and meetings on top of social media? If not, make it easier for yourself and choose to outsource your social media today. 
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