LinkedIn is a great place for you to grow your audience. You have to make a great and professional first impression on your new and potential followers to keep them interacting with you, sharing your content and promoting you to their friends and colleagues. 
Gaining followers when you first start out on any platform can be difficult, however these tips will be able to help you get ahead and start growing your LinkedIn followers quickly. 
Here’s how you can attract followers on LinkedIn. 
Attract Followers From Other Platforms 
You can attract a following from your other established platforms (if you have any). This means that you’ll be able to promote your new LinkedIn profile on your other social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and encourage your followers from those platforms to also follow you on LinkedIn. This will give you an instant follower base, as you’ll have already loyal customers going cross platform to follow you. 
Consistency Is Key 
You need to have a regular schedule when you upload to LinkedIn. Keeping consistent on any social media platform will help you reach your followers when they’re the most active, allow them to know when the next post will be coming, and give you a great opportunity to plan what content needs to go out and when. If you’re consistent, your visibility will start to increase, helping to increase your organic reach and attract new followers to your page. You can stay consistent whilst running your business by using scheduling tools to help you with posting. 
Visual Content 
Consistency also ties in with your content. Your visual content needs to be consistent in design and style. What are your brand colours? Do you use your logo in posts? What font are you using? You need to consider these questions with every post you create. The same goes for videos – what’s your style? How do you want to present yourself? A consistent feed of visual graphics can help to build brand recognition, and in turn trust, which can really help you with attracting new followers to your LinkedIn page. 
Engage With Comments and Messages 
If you receive a comment or message, make sure you reply to it in a timely manner. This can help you to build a relationship with your potential followers, as you’ll be acknowledging something they’ve taken their time to send you. You can create conversations with them, give them some valuable insight or simply thank them for a nice comment. Actively engaging will help you to build up a loyal follower base, and could attract followers who become extremely valuable to your business. 
Relevant Content 
Relevant content needs to be shared by you with your audience. Whether that content surrounds your business or it’s a post you’ve seen in a group or on the timeline, sharing it with your followers means that you trust what’s being said, and that it’s currently relevant. Remember, if you’re sharing other people’s content, that you need to tag them in it in order to credit their original content and ideas. 
Analyse Competitors 
What are your competitors posting on social media? What gets them engagement and followers? You don’t want to copy them, but you need to take a look to see what’s successful for them and if there’s any gaps in their LinkedIn marketing that you could take advantage of for your own LinkedIn page. You’re working in similar industries, so make sure your content is 100% original in graphics, post copy and tone. You can also build good relationships with your competitors, and by working with others in your industry and having positive relationships with them, you can always attract their followers to your business too. 
Encourage Customer and Employee Engagement 
Encourage your existing customers and employees to engage with you via their own LinkedIn platforms. They can share your content, leave comments and promote you to their friends. You have to be transparent about this – especially if those promoting your work for your business, but if they share you to their existing followers, you may begin to see your own page’s follower count begin to grow further as you attract a bigger audience. 
Growing followers on LinkedIn can take time, but if you follow these tips and begin implementing them to your LinkedIn strategy, you’ll start to see growth in no time. Try them out today and see how they work for you. 
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