Facebook allows brands to sell their products and services to people who would otherwise never know them. In order to expand their reach, brands need to scale their Facebook ads. This simply means increasing your ad spend while maintaining a positive return. This can be done by making certain adjustments. For example, you can increase your ad spend, look for more high-performing audiences, or work on your creative. 
When Should You Scale Your Facebook Ads? 
After your Facebook ad campaigns have ran for 7 days it’s a great time to analyse the data and decide the next stage. The next stage might be to let the ad continue to run to collect more data, scale the ad and invest more money, or remove the ad and look into possible reasons for its failure. We find 7 days is the ideal time to collect the best results. During this time, you should not make any changes to the ad. If you do, you will reset the Facebook algorithm. 
Vertically And Horizontal Scaling 
There are two common ways to scale your Facebook ads: vertically and horizontally. Vertical scaling is the most obvious way to scale your Facebook ads, as you simply put more money into them, increasing the ad budget little by little. This way, you’ll also give the Facebook algorithm enough time to adjust to your bigger ad spend. 
Deciding how much to increase your ad spend by depends on two factors; how much money you’re currently spending and how many people you’re trying to reach. It’s advised to increase your budget every 7 days by no more than 20%. 
One of the main benefits to vertically scaling your Facebook ads is that you’re less reliant on individual audiences. When you have a lot of audiences that are performing well, it’s not as challenging if one audience stops performing. 
Horizontal scaling works with fewer audiences at a bigger budget. It involves duplicating existing campaigns or adding ad sets in order to reach larger audiences. This process lets you build a strong Facebook ad account structure and ensures great long-term results. 
However, horizontal ad scaling doesn’t work for every ad account. You will need to experiment to see if this scaling method performs better and gets you a higher return on your ad spend. 
The overall aim when scaling Facebook ads is to take your advertising to the next level, increase leads or sales from your already running campaigns that are doing well. So, here are the main ways to scale your Facebook ads: 
• Increase your ad spend 
• Use campaign budget optimization (CBO) 
• Try new lookalike audiences 
• Target more geographic locations 
• Reuse your winning ads 
• Target a very broad audience 
• Avoid audience overlap 
• Switch offers within the same campaign 
• Keep the learning phase uninterrupted 
Now you know a lot more about scaling your Facebook ads it’s time to start making real money! 
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