So, you’ve written a blog – but how will you get people to read it? Sure, sharing it on your social media may get you a few clicks, but you need to be able to attract visitors from elsewhere. Take search engines for example – how will you get a potential customer/client to click onto your blog over your competitors posts? 
You need a catchy headline that will hook them in. 
If you don’t know how to create a headline, then don’t worry. Here are some things you can do and put into practice with your future blogs to get more visitors and engagement. 
Get To Know Your Audience 
Who are you trying to target? Marketing teams need to know everything they can do about their target audience. From gender to job, this information will help you not only with creating a headline for your blog, but also creating the blog itself. How will you convince the reader that you’re writing about something you have expertise in? 
Do some market research into some of the highest-ranking blogs in your industry and see how they’re styled. From headline to layout, you’ll start to build up a picture of the most successful blog-types that exist within your industry. This will help you when it comes to writing your headlines.  
Younger audiences may prefer more colloquial language or even emojis in blog headlines, as this is what they’re used to with being on social media and growing up in an era where things have gotten a little more informal. Older audiences may prefer formality. These are things you must consider when creating a blog headline. 
Write Your Headline First 
If you write your headline first, you’ll be able to stay on track with what you’re writing about. It will help you keep your article inline with your headline. For the reader, the goal they have is to learn something from the content in the article you’re providing, for you, it’s to get people to click on your blog. How do you get people to click so they can reach their goal? A headline that hooks them in. 
Be Clear and Specific 
You are trying to target a specific demographic of people. Be niche with your headlines. For example, whilst something like ‘Driving Lesson Tips’ may be something someone would type into a search engine, making your headline specific to the area they’re looking for within it will help those students find the exact information that they set out to find. Making sure your headlines clearly convey your blogs topic is also important as this will mean no confusion is caused. 
Use Numbers 
Numbers in headlines get 73% more clicks than Headlines with no numbers. Therefore, make sure if you’re using numbers, you write them in their numerical form when possible. If you’re giving tips, state the number of tips your article will be providing in your headline to help with getting extra clicks. 
Use Facts and Stats 
Using a fact or a statistic will give your audience insight into the topic you’re writing about and even may relate to them. If you’re quoting a statistic, they may find themselves within that quoted stat, so they’ll be more likely to click on the article to see what you’re telling them. 
Add A Question 
Questions make the reader think. If your headline has a question that they want answering, your blog post should be doing just that. Therefore, you’ll be getting engagement from your audience, who want to know the answer to what you’ve asked. 
Using a question along with a statement or a statistic also is a good way to get people to click, as if a reader finds themselves within a specific stat you’ve stated, that question after it may be something they’re also asking themselves – and your article will help them know what steps they may need to take or advice they need to consider. 
Be Emotive 
Using emotive language will be another good thing to do to hook in readers. Using phrases such as ‘Hurry’ or ‘Free’ will invoke an emotional response from the reader. If they need to be quick to do something, then telling them to do it using emotive language will help get you engagement. For example, if you’re promoting something, ‘Hurry! The Best New Year Deals Available Now’ will tell them there’s something of interest to them happening currently, but that they need to hurry to secure an item or service. The word ‘free’ means there’s nothing to pay for – they’ll be getting information free of charge, which for many can be helpful especially during an uncertain financial climate. 
Writing a headline to hook in a reader is important if you want your blog to be successful. Keep your headlines, clear, concise and in tune with your target audience’s wants and needs and see your blog begin to grow. 
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