A lot of the time, following your analytics will help you to discover which time would be best for you to post on Instagram. Your audience’s online behaviour patterns will vary for each business, as your customer group will be solely unique to your business. 
However, Instagram also has a built-in algorithm which prioritises recency, which means even if you post at the optimal time for your engagements, some of your clients may still not see your posts. Here are some of the best times for you and your business to post on Instagram. 
What does the data say? 
A study by Hootsuite found that it’s best to post at midday on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, morning on Tuesday and Saturday, and later in the day on Friday and Sunday. It found people were more likely to be active mid-week during the working day. 
Instagram is often used by workers when they’re on a break, so engagement will be higher at those times of day. 
Using Your Analytics 
Using your analytics is important for you to follow, as this will help you to discover the times your audience are online. At first, this will be a tried and tested method as you won’t have enough data, or any at all, to make an informed decision on what times would be best for you to post. 
When you do have this information, you’ll be able to know when your audience are online the most, and how well your posts perform at certain times of the day. This will help you modify which times you should be posting on Instagram on which days, and when you should avoid posting content. 
In order to keep track of this, then you can create a content calendar. This will help you and your employees follow specific guidelines on when and what you can post. You can also use scheduling tools for this content, so that you know your posting at the right time, on the correct platforms. 
How To Find The Best Time To Post 
Review your content – Which of your content performed the best? Look to see what it involved, when it was posted (the day and the time) and how much engagement it got compared to other posts at that time. What made that post stand out? This will help you to figure out which content works on certain days and at certain times of those days. 
When do your competitors post? – Seeing when your competitors post is important as you don’t want your posts to clash with theirs. Many brands will post exactly on the hour, so leaving it a few minutes will ensure you’ll be a step ahead of them in feeds. Social listening is something you need to do to make sure you’re standing out, and becoming a leader in your industry. 
Consider time zones – If your audience is primarily based in a different country to you, make sure you’re following their time zone. Again, a content schedule will help you post at certain times that may be different to your own home countries time zone, so you can ensure you’re getting the most engagement, even when you yourself aren’t posting. 
Change when necessary – When you post, you need to make sure you’re constantly monitoring your post performance, If it begins to falter, make sure you change the times your posting your content so you can hold on to as much engagement as possible 
Working out the optimal times for your Instagram post can take a few posts to get you the true data you need to follow in order to get the most engagement. Try following some of these tips and monitor your analytics to ensure you’re posting at the times that are best for your business. 
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