When you start your social media pages for your business, it can be difficult to work out exactly what content you need to post to improve your reach, engagement, and followers online. We hear a lot of talk about creating a ‘marketing plan’ and what that entails, but you cannot make this kind of plan if you’re unsure on what content you need to be posting. 
Here are some ideas on what you can post that will see your business thrive online. 
Infographics are an increasingly popular form of content that’s being used on social media to advertise or put a point across. With the information being split across multiple different images, it will be easier for your audience to take in. If you want to advertise a product or service, or let your audience know about your business, infographics are an engaging way to do so. Image creation apps such as Canva offer the tools for you to make these kinds of posts. Make them interesting and engaging and in-line with your brands style and they’ll be successful for your business. 
They can also be used to introduce your team to the audience when you first start, so that they know the faces behind the business and the roles that they play in your company. 
Use The Story Feature 
If you have something to announce or tease, then the story feature is a great way to tease it. This is especially helpful on Instagram, as you have the options to create countdowns, or ask your audience what they think it could be. This will help your engagement and keep people potentially waiting for the announcement post on your profile. 
Talk To Your Audience, Not at Them 
In your captions, make sure you’re speaking to your audience. Overly selling your product/service or having very plain captions to your posts will be off putting. If you’re sharing something with them, tell them why. Make them feel involved. They bring value to your business, so give back some value by explaining why your posting certain things on your page. Sharing quotes, blog posts or other companies’ content that relates to what you sell without any explanation will be confusing to your audience especially if it doesn’t necessarily fit in with your latest content. Make sure that you’re explaining your posts and your audience will feel involved. 
Post Testimonials 
Testimonials will show reliability. This will build brand trust with your audience and will be an incentive to potentially bring in new clients. Don’t go overboard with these testimonials but post one every so often and thank the person who left that review. This will help show your company as legitimate and trustworthy to your audience. 
Host a Giveaway 
Giveaways are a great way to engage your audience. Don’t do them too often – but occasionally posting them will really help your audience begin interacting with you. Often companies will ask for people to follow them, tag their own friends in the comment section and therefore they have entered the giveaway. This will help build your engagement and get your existing followers to bring their own friends to your business’ social media, and these people may also fit your target audience too. This will help you grow on social media. 
Have A Consistent Appearance 
Using your brand colours in your posts will help your profile look consistent and professional. Making sure the content you post matches up with your brand and its guidelines will also help with brand recognition if you appear on hashtags. Think about the fonts, colours, and brand voice you sue ad implement it into the content that you are posting. 
Share News from Your Industry 
Any latest developments in your industry will be useful to share, especially on mor professionals’ platforms on LinkedIn. It shows that you’re keeping up to date with latest developments and taking note of how they can be beneficial. You can also give your opinions on it and start a conversation with other leaders in your industry. This will help you create good connections and expand your network. 
Posting on social media isn’t a straightforward thing and does involve a lot of time to perfect. But by making sure your following these tips and making them a part of your strategy, you will see a growth in your following in no time. 
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