Instagram Reels offer anyone the chance to create fun and engaging videos to share with their friends or anyone on Instagram. Reels are 15-60 seconds, multi-clip videos that can have sound, effects, and music added to them. 
Reels is a feature created by Instagram and is becoming an integral part of Instagram’s business model. Reels provide you with an opportunity to be creative while being relevant. It’s a quick and convenient way to engage your audience and deliver your message. Instagram Reels also provide visibility for your account as they’re just another way to reach your target audience, more importantly users will be able to view and share them for a longer period of time. 
A public Reel will appear in the explore tab, sharing your content to many users outside your following. The explore tab is used to discover new brands and content, with more than 70% of users following at least one brand on the platform. Reels will also appear on the pages dedicated to the songs, the hashtags or the effects added in the video. 
How To Use Instagram Reels For Businesses? 
Showcase A Product Or Service 
Promote your products or services through Instagram Reels. You can either talk about the benefits, demonstrate the use of a product or show a how to guide. This can be presented through a combination of photos and video snippets, showing a detailed insight into your products and services. 
Showcase Your Personality 
Showing your personality is essential for creating a loyal and engaged social media following. A consistent brand personality lets your audience know what to expect from you. 
One way to showcase your personality would be to record reels based on behind-the-scenes content, as this adds a human touch to your business. Showing the behind the scenes of your business makes you relatable, approachable, and more human. While also showing the hard work and fun that goes into making the business how it is. 
Hop On The Latest Trends 
Instagram trends come and go, so it’s important to stay up to date as it helps build credibility and value and to show that you know where your field is heading in the future. There are several ways to get trending on Instagram, this includes using trending hashtags, popular audio clips or AR effects and get discovered among your audience. 
Provide Helpful Tips 
An additional way to use Instagram Reels for businesses is to share helpful tips. These tips can be based on a range of topics such as; your products or services, providing value or problems your audience might face in general. 
Whether you are a first time user of Instagram Reels or looking for tips to enhance your skills, these 15 easy tips will help step up your game and create engaging Reels for your business. 
1. Start with a plan 
2. Find your niche and post reels frequently 
3. Experiment with effects & AR filters 
4. Automatically save your Instagram reels to your device 
5. Stay up to date with trends 
6. Use third-party video editing software 
7. Give a personal touch to the audio, such as a voice over. 
8. Get your timings right 
9. Keep your captions short and sweet 
10. Share your reels to your feed 
11. Provide value and share educational content 
12. Include hashtags 
13. Use music from the Instagram library or create your own audio 
14. Create creative original content 
15. Record reels hands-free 
For many brands Instagram Reels is an effective tool to showcase their business, so, use this information and test it out for yourself. But remember, your first attempt may not be successful so have a consistent and creative approach and you will get noticed by your target audience. 
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