Analytics are an important metric that help you improve your marketing strategy and know exactly how your business is performing on social media. 
Your social media analytics allow you to see how well you’re matching up to your business goals, proving your ROI, and aiding with making decisions to increase your business’ performance. 
Here is why your analytics are important for your business. 
Spot Trends 
Your analytics help you spot trends on your platforms, such as 
• Which platforms are performing the best 
• The content and ads your audience are engaging with most 
• Products and influencers that are popular in your industry 
• Topics of interest 
By seeing what is becoming popular and attracting audiences, you can begin modifying your own content and increasing your engagement. You can also spot trends within your own analytics, such as looking for which content is the most popular amongst your own audience, what isn’t performing, when your audience are online the most and on what platforms your audience are most active on. 
See How People Feel About Your Brand 
Your analytics point to the way people feel about your brand, both positive and negative. You can also use social listening to aid with your analytics, so you can get a clear view on the positive and negative opinions that people are having about your brand. 
You can use this information to work on the more negative aspects of your brand that have been noted by your customers, and increase your output of the more positive elements to really keep people engaged, attract new followers, and create content that people enjoy and care about
You can also judge the value of your products based on your analytics, as you can see which posts, ads and promotions are getting the most interactions. In order to improve product/service marketing, remember to solve a problem your audience may have – hitting their pain points and showing how your product/service will be the solution will only help to excel your marketing efforts and increase the value of what you offer. 
Set Goals 
Your analytics help you to set important goals. As they give you an insight into your performance, you should be regularly staying up to date with how you’re doing on social media. You need to be realistic with your goals, so that they’re attainable. Aiming high with your goals may not seem like a bad thing, but if you’re consistently not reaching that target you’ve set out for your business, then it can be demoralising. By ensuring your goals are realistic, you can keep track of where you are increasing your reach, following, engagement, sales etc, and finding where things aren’t working. 
When you start consistently reaching your goals, you’ll know that your efforts are paying off. Goals are important as they let you work out where you can make improvements to meet the targets you’ve set for yourself, in turn helping you to improve your overall marketing plans. 
Proving Your Return On Investment 
Your social media analytics can help you to prove your Return On Investment (ROI). This is because when you run ads or campaigns, or even tagging items in posts like you have the ability to do on sites like Instagram, your analytics will tell you how many people are interacting, clicking through to your website and purchasing a product, or taking action on your website of some kind. 
It’s important to know if your ad campaigns are working, as you’ll need to know if the money you’re investing into them running is bringing you a good ROI. If not, you’ll need to make tweaks that can improve your ads performance and boost your ROI for the better. 
Being aware of your analytics is important if you want to be successful on social media. If you’re not checking your analytics you could run into trouble, so staying on top of them is always the best policy. Make sure your business is regularly staying updated with your analytics and begin marketing today! 
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