On social media, engagement is an important part of your success. If your audience don’t engage with your content, then you need to implement strategies to encourage interaction and build up your followers. 
Boosting engagement on social media may seem like a hard task, especially if you don’t already have an audience to rely on. If you’re looking to expand your audience, reach out to new people and convert them into followers and customers, then prioritising boosting your engagement will benefit your business. 
Here are 5 ways to boost engagement on social media. 
Use Compelling Content 
Your content needs to add some value to the audience and capture their attention. In order to get your followers to interact, you need to understand their wants and needs from your content. 
When you create compelling content, you need to research the type of content your audience is interested in. You can do this by: 
- Looking towards your competitors to see what they’re posting and getting the most interaction from - You don’t want to copy your competitors as individuality is key if you want to stand out in your industry, but by taking a look at how they create content that attracts an audience will help you get an idea of what direction you should take. 
- Create an audience persona – Audience personas are where you build a picture of your target audience member, and asses what they’re likely to interact with. You need to consider such things as their age, gender, job, income, interests, hobbies etc. This can also help you with further marketing efforts, so is a handy tool to have throughout your marketing. 
- Use social listening – Social listening is where you look at what people are saying about your business. If you’re a new business, then it can be difficult to get to grips with what your audience thinks, but if you’ve been around for a while then looking at reviews, comments and opinions that your audience have made about you will let you know exactly what they’re looking for and what you can do to resolve any issues that seem to flag up consistently. 
You need to be creative, innovative and even spark an emotional response that makes the audience feel strongly about the content that has been put out. 
Visual Content 
Visual content is an important element of your social media marketing. This is what helps to attract your audience to your posts, and for sites such as Instagram, it’s important to make sure your visual content is top quality. 
It can help to increase awareness and understanding – especially with the rise of infographic style content – and easily digested by the audience. In order to make good visual content, you need to ensure you have a consistent look and make sure your whole team knows your brand guidelines. 
Using this content to help convey you message, products and services helps you with brand recognition across all of your social media. 
Hashtags increase your visibility. Using these allows you to appear under the hashtags you use, and can help expose you to a bigger audience. By using relevant, trending hashtags, you can increase your reach and advertise to a bigger audience. If those viewing your content are interested in what you’re posting, they’ll likely check out your profile and if you hook them in, you may find yourself with new followers or customers. 
Hashtags need to be niche – but not too specific – as using ones that are broad or over-populated will see your posts get lost in the algorithm. Knowing what your target audience is engaging with will help you form your content plan and connect with said audience. 
Engage With Followers 
If you want engagement, then encourage it by engaging back with your commenters. Reply to questions, thank people for commenting, solve any queries or complaints professionally, and show love when people post about using your products. 
You can also use your follower’s content to promote your business (with permission). Showing your fans that you care about the content they post and appreciate them taking time to respond to your posts helps to build up relationships and encourage engagement. 
The more people that engage and interact with you, then the more platforms will recognise that your platform is active and attracting an audience to interact, helping your appearance on the algorithm and in hashtags. 
Call To Action 
Add a call to action to your post. This helps you to direct your audience on what to do next, whether that’s comment, buy a product, sign up to a service etc. 
CTAs are an important part of tying your posts together. If you ask a question from your audience then ask them to respond. Assuming they know what to do next could be detrimental, as they may just scroll past. By invoking a need for them to respond, they’ll be more likely to follow the instructions you have left for them. 
Boosting your social media engagement can take time, but the more you start taking steps to help increase the engagement you get from your social media, the better it will get. Start following these steps and see the results you get today! 
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